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Coffee Cleaning Supplies

Keep your espresso machine and grinder running smoothly by performing monthly cleaning and maintenance on them. Browse our selection of cleaning products, and be sure to get your cart to $50 so you receive free shipping!

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Water Hardness Test Strips | Water Hardness Test | Chris' Coffee Water Hardness Test Strips

These water hardness test strips are not only perfect for testing the levels of calcium and magnesium in your tap water but also the effectiveness of filters such as Brita. Each package contains two test strips. Protect your investment: test your water often.

Chris' Price: $1.25

Group Brush Group Brush

This angled brush is ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach places inside your group, such as the shower screen and the gasket.

Chris' Price: $5.95

Lubri-Film Plus Lubricant Lubri-Film Plus Lubricant

>Lubri-Film Plus is a food grade lubricant used in the food service industry. Some of the more common applications are soft ice cream machines, granite machines, and non-carbonated beverage dispensers.

Chris' Price: $7.95

Coffeetool Three in One Group Brush Coffeetool Three in One Group Brush

Introducing the Coffeetool, an unique three in one tool for performing daily espresso machine maintenance. On one end, there is a small measuring spoon. On the other end, there is a steel poker that you can use to unclog your steam tip. Last but not least, the brush for cleaning your group.

Chris' Price: $9.95

14oz bottle of coffee decanter cleaner Coffee Decanter Cleaner 14 oz.

Clean your coffee equipment and remove oil residue by using this Urnex liquid coffee pot cleaner. Works great for glass coffee pots, airpots, satellite brewers, and thermal servers. This product inhibits mineral growth and removes coffee oils keeping your pots clean, and your coffee tasting fresh!

Chris' Price: $10.00

Replacement Steam Cleaning Brush Head Replacement Steam Cleaning Brush Head

Replacement brush for the steam cleaning brush.

Chris' Price: $12.95
Pallo Grinderminder Brush Pallo Grinderminder Brush

This is a great brush from Pallo for not only cleaning the inside of your grinder but also for cleaning your counter.

Chris' Price: $13.50

Full Circle Coffee Equipment Wash Full Circle Coffee Equipment Wash

Full Circle is great for back flushing espresso machine and cleaning portafilter. It eliminates coffee residue in group heads and valves with a balance of foam and solubility for optimal rinsing

Chris' Price: $14.95

Full Circle Coffee Grinder Cleaner Full Circle Grinder Cleaner

The Full Circle portfolio of coffee equipment cleaners is the result of years of innovation to create products that meet the highest standards for cleaning power while considering the world around us. With their products, Full Circle is bringing things "full circle."

The Grinder Cleaner was designed to quickly and effectively remove stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odors from the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders.

Chris' Price: $15.75