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Gourmet teas are the only beverage growing in popularity even faster than gourmet coffee. There are several gourmet teas on the market today and it was quite a chore to sort through them. When we finally came across Harney & Sons, we instantly knew we had a winner. Harney has it all: high quality, wide variety, kosher, and organic packaging.

Harney & Sons fresh brewed iced tea comes in two unique blends:

  • Plain Pekoe Supreme - Hand-picked, full leaf Chinese black tea. Smooth in taste with a rich body, and a bright clear color. Perfectly simple.
  • Tropical Green - Hand-blended green teas from India with a marvelous, tropical flavor. Discover this fresh twist on traditional green tea.

Both blends are available in stock to use without an Iced Tea Brewer. The case size is 50 / 1 oz. filter bags. Each filter bag brews 1 gallon of delicious iced tea.

The Plain Pekoe Supreme blend is also available to use with an Iced Tea Brewer. This case size is 24 / 3.5 oz. bags. Each bag brews 3 gallons of tea.