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Machristay Makes the Difference

Indulge your passion for gourmet micro roasted coffee from the experts at Chris' Coffee Service. Upstate New York's Largest Coffee Roaster. Every day, we roast fresh delicious coffee waiting to reach the taste buds of coffee lovers. We are a highly respected local roaster of premium gourmet coffees and proud of being one of the few remaining family-owned local coffee services operating New York's Capital District. Our Machristay line of gourmet coffees will satisfy even the most discriminating palate!

We purchase some of the world's finest green coffee beans and store them in a controlled environment to ensure their freshness prior to roasting. We then roast the coffee to perfection on our own premises, in our state of the art 30-kilo and 60-kilo PID-controlled Coffee Roaster. Last but not least, our coffees are air-cool, NOT water quenched. If it is pre-ground nitrogen flushed fractional packages you are looking for we do that as well on our two high speed packaging machines. We can also do a private label coffee if the volume warrants.

Above are a few of the labels we produce here in house

Our fine selection of beans from around the world include Central America, South America, and Africa. Our selections encompass taste range profiles from the pleasantly acidic of our Extra Fancy Colombian, to the premium Arabica blend with hints of chocolate of our Black Pearl Espresso, to the buttery-smooth nutty flavor of our Sumatran.
Our Machristay Fair Trade Certified™ USDA Organic Guatemalan Huehuetenango has a bright snap of acidity and a berry wine-like flavor. All of our coffees are roasted to perfection daily at our facility, in our PID controlled Renegade coffee roaster.

All of the coffee roasted here at our Albany facility is Kosher certified by Circle K. In addition to our Kosher Certification, all the organic coffees we offer are USDA certified by Quality Assurance International and are also Certified Fair Trade.

We, at Chris’ Coffee, are proud to offer these coffee certifications to our customers. This is our way of supporting the efforts of our coffee growers who utilize chemical free farming methods. By purchasing Fair Trade coffee beans we are also helping to sustain a higher quality of life for farmers and their families.

Chris' Coffee recognizes the global concern of protecting our environment for future generations. Offering organically grown coffee is one way we are able to support the efforts of coffee growers who use no harmful chemicals in their farming. We are proud to be certified by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) for USDA organic certification on our line of organic coffees.

Our Machristay gourmet coffee comes in a variety of blends and flavors, pre-ground and packaged:

  • Single Origin Coffee (Extra Fancy Colombian, Costa Rican Tarrazu)
  • Fair Trade Certified™ USDA Organic Coffee (Ethiopian Sidamo, Guatemalan, Mexican Oaxaca, Sumatran, etc.)
  • Blended Coffee (Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop, Chris' Premium, Northwest Dark Roast, etc.)
  • Decaffeinated Coffee (Northwest Dark Roast)
  • Espresso (Black Pearl, Italian Roast, Dolce Tazza, Voodoo)
  • Flavored Coffee (Chocolate Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Snickerdoodle, Swiss Mocha Almond, etc.)

Chris' Coffee Service prides itself by helping other businesses increase their market share with their own blend of coffee and creating a distinct private label.