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Chrome Feet for Alex Duetto II and Alex II Chrome Foot for Izzo Machines

These are the chrome feet that come on the Alex Duetto II machines. The feet's thread are the same size as the previously manufactured Duettos. It can also fit the Alex espresso machine.

Chris' Price: $9.95
Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover

The Glass Coffeemaker Cover is a must when keeping coffee warm. The glass cover keeps coffee at the proper strength by preventing evaporation. It fits all of the Chemex Coffeemakers.

Chris' Price: $6.50
Motta Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons Motta Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons

This set of six 4.5 inches long stainless steel espresso spoons are made in Italy by Motta, one of Italy's premiere stainless steel manufacturers.

Chris' Price: $9.95

Replacement Steam Cleaning Brush Head Replacement Steam Cleaning Brush Head

Replacement brush for the steam cleaning brush.

Chris' Price: $12.95
Flood Buzz Pro Flood Buzz Pro Leak Detector

Water Leak Alam
dims 1.8" x 2.6"
3 year battery life
110 decibel alarm

Chris' Price: $13.95
Steaming Thermometer Steaming Thermometer

This 5" long stainless steel thermometer comes with a protective sheath for storing and a clips for attaching to the side of your steaming pitcher. What I like best is the 1 3/4" in diameter dial and the fact that it may be re-calibrated to ensure continued accuracy.

Chris' Price: $14.95

Mavea Carbonate Hardness Test Kit | Water Hardness Test | Chris' Coffee Mavea Carbonate Hardness Test Kit

This hardness test by Mavea is not only perfect for testing the total hardness in your tap water but also the effectiveness of filters such as Brita. Protect your investment: test your water often.

Chris' Price: $17.95
Motta Spare Parts for Knockbox Motta Spare Parts for Knockbox

This kit includes the replacement bar, rubber pad and top gasket for the Motta Knockbox.

Chris' Price: $19.95
iSi Cream Chargers iSi Cream Chargers

The iSi Cream Chargers are made of high quality steel, 100% recyclable, HACCP-certified, and will never expire. All chargers were expertly made under strict quality control to ensure that each individual charger receives the right amount of pure nitrous oxide, every time, guaranteed. Each non-refillable cream charger is leak proof and has enough to charge a filling volume of up to 0.5 liter. It is only available in a 20-count box.

Chris' Price: $19.95