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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
andreja premium evo October 29, 2016
Reviewer: Joseph VanPutten from Tupper Lake, NY United States  
both the product and the customer were excellent

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Step up to the Andreja July 25, 2016
Reviewer: Jim Larsen from Clearwater , FL United States  
Moving up to the Andreja from a low end so-called espresso machine has been eye opening. This machine produces the kind of shot that you read (or dream) about. There is a definite learning curve, but the results are astonishing. And, unlike my old machine, consistency is achievable.

Things I like:
Outstanding shots.
Consistency shot to shot.
Produces wonderfully textured milk for lattes.
Large drip tray
Solid construction on-line knowledge base

Things I don't like:
Hot surfaces: Nary a session goes by that I don't say "WHOOPS!" No fault of the machine, just my own ineptitude.

My latte art: They all look like full moons or behinds. Again no fault of the machine. Hey, I'm an engineer, not an artist. But, I'd like to, just once, put a heart in my wife's morning latte.

I have been roasting and making espresso at home for about 15 years. I am sorry I waited so long to step up.

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Post Purchase Review after 6 months February 6, 2015
Reviewer: Peter Hall from Tampa, FL United States  
Pros:  This machine is very solidly built and looks fantastic.  If you get the cooling flush figured out it makes a fantastic espresso.  It steams milk perfectly and has a huge drainage try.

Cons:  It is incredibly loud when the boiler fills, which it does upon startup and periodically as you deplete the boiler pulling shots.

When I say loud I don't mean blender loud or grinder loud, I mean industrial air compressor loud.

I would not buy this machine again just for that reason.  The sound might not be as disturbing if it were in a commercial setting, but in a home kitchen it just doesn't work.  I would spend the extra to get a rotary pump machine if I had it to do over or a different brand of vib pump machine.

I think it is so loud there should be some sort of disclaimer or warning.

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Great Machine January 8, 2015
Reviewer: JG from USA  
I've had my Andreja for about 6 months now, and have had zero problems not of my own making. I have found the E61 group head thermometer instrumental in pulling at the perfect temperature, but even without it the shots are still great. The steaming and wand are without problem, and the hot water is fine too.

The free bottomless portafilter is great, and the store has been extremely helpful with any questions I've had.

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Andreja Premium by Quick Mill January 6, 2015
Reviewer: Thad Eggen from Estes Park, CO United States  
All the positive reviews are accurate and I would buy another Andreja Premium in a flash. Everyone at Chris' Coffee has been quick to address my concerns or issues and are positive and friendly. Things to watch out for with the Andreja: I had a minor electrical part fry and the priming pump is loud. With regard to the electrical part- It was incredibly easy to replace (I would give myself a 7 out of 10 re: handyman ability) and I was well supported with 1)how to do it and 2)the replacement part. The second issue requires one to merely turn on the machine in the afternoon or before going to bed to allow the boiler to prime completely so one is not awakened when the timer (get one) is turned on to warm-up the machine and the loud pump kicks in. My last 2 cents would be to adapt to the four hole steam wand. I did not at first and now that I have, I feel silly for wasting everyone's time with a two hole steaming tip.

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We love it..... December 11, 2014
Reviewer: Sofie Gaarsvig Egelund from New York, NY United States  
Due to different electricity in US we unfortunately had to sell our Andrea when we left Denmark. Even before unpacking our luggage we ordered a new one with some real nice upgrades. We can only recommend this beauty!!

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10 Year Anniversary Review December 11, 2014
Reviewer: Curtis Singleton from Layton, UT United States  
Purchased machine in December 2004 from Chris Coffee.

Only one problem in 10 years - intermittent brew pressure.. Issue resolved with replacing the rubber parts in the OPV valve. Also replaced all of the group head o rings and gaskets as a preventative measure.

That's a pretty darn good repair record!

Changed out the original steam and hot water valves for the joystick controls. Nice addition to an already outstanding machine.

The Andrea Premium is a well built product that makes espresso and milk drinks that are better than most coffee shops with outstanding reliability.

Pros: nice looking, well built, easy to clean and maintain, great steam capacity, and great results in the cup.

Cons: As with any vibe pump machine, it can be somewhat loud.

Highly recommend consideration if your looking for a high quality E 61 heat ex-changer machine.

Chris Coffee's crew is the best!

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Andreja Shines March 14, 2014
Reviewer: CR from San Deigo, CA United States  
The metalwork totally shines, no file marks, smooth polished edges, straight and true all around.
The drip tray is solid, easy to remove.
She heats quickly and is easy to flush down to brew temp.  The quality of the head, the fit with the portaholders are all excellent.  It comes with a dinky scoop/tamp - you will need a real one.
The water and steam wands are both burn safe, although watch the hot water nozzle after use - it is close to the lever.
The pump is a little noisey, but no more than any other unit.
The water tank is adequate and the low water alarm reliable.  It will finish the shot even if it starts mid stream.  Refills on an open counter are easy.  It has sturdy nylon non-slip feet.  The cord is long and comes out from below.
The steam is powerful and good foam is easy.  After several months, and at least 40lbs of beans I would happily buy the same machine again, although I feel confident this one will last me forever.

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In Love March 13, 2014
Reviewer: CHAD DUGAN from EDMOND, OK United States  
Great Machine! I have had the machine a couple of months now. Even had a big party and made 10+ lattes back to back and she preformed like a champ! Great service, I did have a high limit switch that failed. Chris' sent the part overnight! and I was up and running no big deal! I've talked to Chris about my old machine and troubleshooting it, they have always been helpful!

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6 months owning Andreja Premium by Quick Mill January 7, 2014
Reviewer: David James from Lakeway , TX United States  
I bought a Quick Mill Andreja Premium last May and I'd like to review the pro's and con's I've noticed.  I should also mention I bought a Mazzar Mini E type grinder.  The grinder IS as important as the espresso machine.  First, I love the quality of espresso I can get from this machine.  I have had no issues mechanically with the machine.  I consistently pull sweet-tasting and well balanced espresso.  I've learned how to manage the heat curve with this heat exchanger system pretty well.  The machine is pretty loud with the vibratory pump, but I've seen a way to mod the machine to quiet it down online.  For the price point, this is a great starter machine.  The thing I wish was better is the heat curve.  That is inherent to the heat exchange technology.  I'd go with a dual boiler upgrade next time.  Start with this, and then upgrade to a dual boiler with a more steady heat profile.  I can hold my temp at the group at 200 degrees +/- 3 degrees.

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