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Pro Barista Steaming Pitchers Pro Barista Steaming Pitchers

These stainless steel steaming pitchers are the top choice for most professional baristas. The pros prefer this style pitcher because of its overall shape and its pour spout. They like the shape because it is easy to swirl the milk for texturizing, while the spout is shaped correctly for pouring latte art.

Cafelat Barista Pitcher Cafelat Barista Pitcher

Made from extra thick stainless steel, the Cafelat steaming pitcher has a mirror finish and a raised pour spout to help with latte art. The thick walls of the pitcher make it strong and heavy, perfect for the final swirl and for knocking out those air bubbles if you tap it on the counter top.

Espro Toroid Steaming Pitchers Espro Toroid Steaming Pitchers

The Espro Toroid steaming pitchers were specifically designed to encapsulate a sole word: Easy. It is easy to fill, easy to pour with these pitchers.

Motta Stainless Steel Steaming Pitchers Motta Stainless Steel Steaming Pitchers

In Italy, Motta is considered to be the go-to manufacturer for high quality stainless products, selling them not only in Italy but around the world.

Motta have made these beautiful steaming pitchers from a heavy gauge of stainless steel, 18/10 304 to be exact. They are highly polished and have a Europa rounded spout.