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Point of Use Coolers

Chris' Coffee Service wasn't the first to bring 5 gallon water coolers to offices. We were, however, one of the first to offer your office the convenience and savings of a Point of Use Water Cooler.

Point of User Water Coolers are a better and more cost effective way to provide your office with clean and safe drinking water. You don't have to hassle with changing bottles or storage problems; the rounded cabinets never run out of drinking water and cost a fraction of what you ultimately will pay for a bottled water cooler. The UV model features a special UV filter designed to harness the power of UV light to destroy all types of bacteria and render it incapable of reproducing. If you are interested, we are happy to arrange for a free demo of the machines.

We also have bottled water coolers for use in the greater Capital District of NY. We are proud to bring our exclusive private label of all natural and sodium free spring water, Desert Rain, to these machines.

All of our water coolers, of course, comes with our great service and staff. We are always willing to help you with your needs, concerns, and repair requests.