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La Spaziale Dream Firmware Instructions
One of the major benefits included within the La Spaziale Dream and Dream T is the ability to update the machine for optimal performance and the latest features. Learn more about how to update your La Spaziale and the latest features available!
Where can I find more information about espresso, espresso extraction technique, and equipment?
Here is a link to a very well written article by Jim Schulman that is lengthy but covers a lot of information that in my opinion one must at least have an understanding of in order to pull a good...
What terminals do I use when changing an Isomac thermostat for an Iimit thermostat?
The Isomac thermostat uses terminals P and terminals 1. The Limit thermostat uses terminals C and terminals 1. See the images: Isomac thermostat Limit thermostat Note: There is no polarity on a thermostat therefore it doesn't matter which wire goes...
What steam tips can be fitted on to my home espresso machine?
To see what steam tips we carry, the thread size, and what espresso machines they can be fitted on to, Click Here
What size E61 group gasket do I need for my machine?
For almost all E61 machines, the correct gasket size is 8.5 mm. On our web site we offer an 8 mm as well. I suggest you use the thinner 8 mm gasket if you have an original La Marzocco portafilter....
What is the proper method for frothing milk?
"Here is a link to a very informative video we produced that goes step by step how to properly froth and steam milk when making cappuccinos and lattes. Click HereHere is a link to a well written article, by Aaron...
What is the best & safest way to clean my grinder?
The safest and best way to clean your grinder, in our opinion, is with Full Circle Grinder Cleaner by Urnex.
What bean hoppers can be fitted on to my espresso grinder?
To see what bean hoppers we carry, the height and volume size, what comes with it, and what espresso grinders they can be fitted on to, Click Here
Vivaldi II & Mini Vivaldi: How to remove the control board and program new features?
For a comprehensive guide on how to remove and swap out the control board and program the new features of the 2008 firmware update, Click Here
Vivaldi II & Mini Vivaldi: How to install and operate the timer?
For a guide on how to install the seven-day programmable timer into the Vivaldi II or the Mini Vivaldi by La Spaziale, Click HereFor a comprehensive instructional guide on how to operate the seven-day programmable timer, Click Here
Softener & Filter System: When do I change my softener cartridge?
"It is important that your system be installed properly. The proper sequence is as follows: water source, softener, carbon filter, machine. It is important to install them in this order for two reasons.First, the carbon filter removes odor, off taste,...
Softener & Filter System: What is the proper way to install them?
"First, let me start by explaining the sequence of the components starting from the water source: Max adapter, tubing, shut off valve, tubing, softener housing, tubing, carbon filter housing, tubing, shut off valve, purge filters, and connect to machine. That...
Silvano: How to adjust the brew pressure
For a comprehensive guide on how to adjust the brew pressure of the Silvano, Click Here
Rotary Pump: How to adjust the pressure
IMPORTANT: Unplug the machine when making this adjustment. Turning it off at the switch isn't enough—unplug it. Lift off the top cover. Under the top cover, you will see three screws: two toward the front and one in the back....
Recommend Burr Replacement for Your Coffee Grinder
" Bunn G Series 40,000 lbs Fiorenzato F4 660 lbs Fiorenzato F64 880 lbs La Marzocco Swift 3,300 lbs MACAP M4 400 lbs Mahlkonig K30 1,600 lbs Mahlkonig EK43 14,300 lbs Mahlkonig Tanzania 8,000-10,000 lbs Mazzer Mini 660 lbs (58mm...
Rancilio Silvia: How do I get the most out of Silvia?
Here is the best instructions on how to get the most out of your Rancilio Silvia. This article was written by Mark Prince and includes 27 images with step by step timed instructions. Click Here
Now that I have a bottomless portafilter, how do I use it?
"Here is an excellent article written by Dan Kehn titled ""Perfecting the Naked Extraction.""  Dan's article includes several images that show such things as  channeling, tiger striping, blond gushers, etc. Dan explains in detail things like what causes channeling and...
La Marzocco GS3: How to install a steam arm assembly?
For a comprehensive guide on how to install a steam arm assembly into the La Marzocco GS3, Click Here
La Marzocco GS3 Paddle: Group bleeding procedure
For a comprehensive guide on the group bleeding procedure of the La Marzocco GS3 Paddle Version, Click Here