E61 Group Exploded View

E61 Exploded View with Parts Links - Click Here

If you need to take your E61 group apart to lubricate it or replace a part, here is an excellent exploded view of all of its parts, how it comes apart and how it goes back together. If you have water leaking from the lever of your E61, chances are you need to replace the two rubber washers identified in the exploded view as item number 602576. If there are other small parts you need, you can email our service department at info@chriscoffee.com with the part number and quantity you want to order. They will email you back and advise you if we have the parts you are looking for with a price and how to order them. There are many parts we stock that may not be on our web site.
For further information about an E61 group brew head, its internal parts, and mode of operation, there is a video. Instructed by Bill Crossland, he goes into great detail, step by step, how water enters the brew head and into your coffee. He has uniquely sliced open the brew head and other components so you can easily see the mechanics in making espresso.

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  • Lee RIchmond

    Have owned an Andreja Premium for over 9 years. When I pull a shot now I am getting a significant amount of water out of the exhaust as I pull a shot. Probably as much out the exhaust as is going through the filter basket. I have watched the repair video for the E 61 group. I am thinking this is what I need to do. I have done several repairs through the years (replace the vibratory pump, Porta filter gasket replaced, etc.). Would greatly appreciate you telling me what I need to do and what parts I need to buy. Thank you.

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