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A great cup of espresso and cappuccino certainly will help your business grow but why just stop there? Milk can go only so far and a variety of beverages is key to getting a wider market of customers. There's a world of flavored coffee syrups waiting to be explored and beverages to be crafted.

Let Chris' Coffee help you by providing fantastic flavored coffee syrups for specialty beverages. Why not offer your customers our own delicious blend of Premium Iced Coffee, made from some of the finest specialty beans, or some freshly brewed iced tea by Harney & Sons, one of the top leaders in gourmet tea. To give your coffee and drinks that extra kick, we also feature the succulent coffee syrup brands by Torani, Ghiradelli, and Monin. Once summer comes along, look no further than Torani's Real Fruit Smoothies to deliver a frozen treat to your customers.

The popularity of speciality beverages and the support of cafés, restaurants, and retailers have helped grow Torani for the last 80 years. Flavor seekers around the globe enjoy Torani in their favorite beverages every day. Also, Torani continues to stay on the creative edge with new product lines, ideas, and recipes.

Our iced coffee is a premium blend of coffee beans, micro-roasted on our own premises. We start with only the finest specialty coffees, roast and grind them to perfection in our 30-kilo PID-controlled Renegade coffee roaster. We then air-cool the coffee and package it within minutes after roasting. Offering gourmet coffee to your customers is just plain good business.

Gourmet tea is the only beverage growing in popularity even faster than gourmet coffee. There are several gourmet teas on the market today and Chris' Coffee, as always, selects only the finest products to our offerings. When we finally came across Harney & Sons, we instantly knew we had a winner. Harney has it all: high quality, wide variety, kosher, and organic packaging. See for yourself why Harney & Sons is the tea of choice at Buckingham Palace. That's right, the Queen of England drinks Harney Tea.

Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea was born to create tea products that reach new heights of quality, globally sourcing the finest ingredients available. Their high standards parallel with their ongoing creative innovation. Their specially created handcrafted silken, biodegradable pouches were designed to unleash the pure essence of the whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors.

Ghirardelli is a manufacturer and marketer of premium chocolate products. It is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product. This control over the manufacturing process, combined with Ghirardelli's proprietary bean blend and unique methods of roasting and processing, ensures that you are rewarded with the highest quality and richest products.

"Ultimate Taste, Ultimate Creativity." Monin, a coffee syrup brand, brings a wide variety of syrups, made with the finest of ingredients: pure cane sugar, purified water, and all-natural flavors.

Dr. Smoothie formulates its beverages with your health in mind to maximize the benefits to your body.