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Espresso And Coffee Brewing Accessories

The most important part of great coffee is of course the beans itself, along with the equipment. However, you can't enjoy that delicious shot of espresso, or cup of coffee, without the essential brewing accessories! Want to surprise the coffee lover in your life with a new set of porcelain espresso cups? We've got what you need. Browse our large selection of accessories from cups and saucers to steaming pitchers and knock boxes!

  • Cafelat Products

    Cafelat Coffee Accessories

  • Cleaning Products

    Coffee Cleaning Supplies

    Keep your espresso machine and grinder running smoothly by performing monthly cleaning and maintenance on them. Browse our selection of cleaning products, and be sure to get your cart to $50 so you receive free shipping!

  • Cups and Glasses

    Coffee Cups and Glasses

    Quality espresso and cappuccinos cups are essential for that complete home barista setup. We have all different sizes, colors and brands from Lavazza and Illy to Cremaware and more! Made in Italy with thick walls to avoid heat loss, these cups and saucers are reasonably priced and some are even available to order by the unit.

  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Softeners and Filters

    Espresso Water Softeners & Filters

  • Steaming Pitchers

    Steaming Pitchers

    Espresso Accessories

  • Portafilters


    Holding your coffee grounds before and during the brewing process the portafilter is an integral espresso accessory for your machine. See our full selection of espresso machine accessories here!
  • Steam Arms, Tips, and Knobs

    Steam Arms, Steam Tips, and Knobs

  • Tampers and Tamper Accessories

    Espresso Tampers

    A major key to pulling the perfect shot is thanks to this small espresso accessory. With our wide variety of colors, sizes, and even automatic espresso tampers you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! If you're unsure of what size portafilter you have and what tamper might be compatible with your machine please feel free to give us a call!

  • Insert Baskets

    Insert Baskets

    One of the most integral and overlooked parts of your espresso machine. Whether you're a home barista who's just starting out, or a trained professional working a multi-group commercial espresso machine. Chris' Coffee has a wide selection of precision insert baskets for you. The industry standard VST precision insert baskets in various sizes to accommodate your espresso machine.

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Chrome Feet for Alex Duetto II and Alex II Chrome Foot for Izzo Machines

These are the chrome feet that come on the Alex Duetto II machines. The feet's thread are the same size as the previously manufactured Duettos. It can also fit the Alex espresso machine.

Chris' Price: $9.95
Water Hardness Test Strips | Water Hardness Test | Chris' Coffee Water Hardness Test Strips

These water hardness test strips are not only perfect for testing the levels of calcium and magnesium in your tap water but also the effectiveness of filters such as Brita. Each package contains two test strips. Protect your investment: test your water often.

Chris' Price: $1.25

O-Ring for Steam Wand Tip O-Ring for Steam Wand Tips

A replacement o-ring for steam wand tips.

Chris' Price: $1.50

58mm portafilter spring clip 58mm Portafilter Spring Clip

Spring clip for 58 mm portafilters. The spring clip is used to keep pressure on the insert baskets so they that do not fall out of the portafilter.

Chris' Price: $1.95

Quick Mill Silvano O-Ring for Steam Wand Quick Mill Silvano & Chrome Plated Arms O-Ring for Steam Tip

This is the replacement o ring for the steam tip on the QM Silvano, along with all chrome plated wands and tips.

Chris' Price: $1.95

QM O-ring between wand & no burn steam tip QM O-Ring Between Wand & No Burn Steam Tip

A replacement O-ring for no burn steam wand on Quick Mill machines.

Chris' Price: $1.95
Mounting Bracket for 10" Filter Housing Mounting Bracket for 10" Filter Housing

This mounting bracket is included when you purchase a 10" filter housing. It can also be purchased separately.

Chris' Price: $2.95
Rubber Steam Arm Grip Rubber Steam Arm Grip

A replacement rubber grip for the steam arms.

Chris' Price: $2.95