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Titanium Coated Burrs

The Ceado E37T has titanium coated burrs that greatly extend the lifespan of your grinding burrs! This doesn't just mean that you'll be able to keep the grinder longer and run more coffee through them, they're also stronger. The stronger, sharper, the less work the grinder has to do and therefore won't heat up as much one of the greatest compromises to your coffees.

Temperature Controlled Grinding Chamber

The Ceado E37T sports an automatic temperature control system. There is a fan that only kicks on when it needs to. Very impressive for a grinder at this price point! Generally speaking, grinders that do have a fan are either continuously running just waiting to burn out or are just on when you're grinding. This temperature-controlled E37T espresso grinder is much smarter than that!

Steady Lock Grinder

Unique to Ceado the steady lock grinding system ensures that under any condition your Ceado burr grinder maintains a consistent distance between the burrs. The steady lock system improves consistency and eliminates one variable in your quest towards the perfect espresso. The bean hopper is made of durable polycarbonate.

Quick Set Revolution

As any home user knows, dialing in your grinder is imperative to your recipe. With the revolutionary infinitesimal grinding adjustment, Ceado has pioneered it makes it even easier to get the exact particle size for each brew method. The more straightforward grinding adjustment makes it incredibly easy, faster, and provide a more accurate result with the quick set revolution on your E37 grinder.

Easy Service

Maintaining your E37 family grinder is incredibly easy. The quick service, coupled with the anti-clogging system, make it easy for anyone to perform maintenance on your Ceado. Easy access burrs make your cleaning and maintenance more straightforward and less expensive with less time and money invested.

Easy to Clean - Don't lose your grind setting.

 ceado e37 easy to clean Easily clear your grinder without losing your grind setting. No need to re-calibrate your grinder. Just loosen three Phillips head screws on the top of the grinder and you have full access to the grind chamber.

Hands Free On/Off

No matter what portafilter you have, included bottomless/naked models, with the standard portafilter catch leaves your hands free. The coffee doses can be ground into the filter holder while you perform other steps within your brew process.

3 Dosing Settings

Three separate timed dosing settings can be programmed on the Ceado E37T. This is super convenient especially if you're changing coffees frequently or have different recipes or drink sizes you're accommodating. Never guess again on your dosing and maintain even greater consistency with Ceado E37T!

1700 RPM - Fast Grinding!

The only piece of the equation in making a shot of espresso that can be speed up is the time it takes to grind the coffee. The rest of the time you can not speed up. If you make 250 drinks per day and your current grinder takes 10 seconds to grind 18 grams vs the E37T can do it in 3 seconds you will save 1,750 seconds per day that is 1/2 hour per day less time that you could be making more drinks or serving your customers quicker. If you are open 6 days a week that is 3 HOURS a week 12 hours a month 156 hours a year which equals 19.5 days. That is why a good barista will always tell you “The grinder is NOT as important as the espresso machine, it is MORE important."

Height with short hopper is 21 inches

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Height 25.4 in
Width 8.3 in
Depth 12.2 in
Hopper Capacity 1600 g
Weight 36.4 lbs


Burr Size 83 mm
Burr Material Titanium Coated
Flat or Connical Flat
Grinding Adjustment Type Worm Gear Adjustment
Average Output 6 g/s
Dose Setting(s) 3

Other Specifications

Motor Speed 1700 RPM
Power 740 W
Outlet Rating 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Equipped with Fan Yes
Start Portafilter, Pulse Button


Warranty Period 2 Year Parts & Labor
Warranty Provider Chris' Coffee Service
Warranty Contact info@chriscoffee.com or (518) 452-5995

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