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The Linea Mini brings an espresso icon to a kitchen-sized corpus. This machine is adored by baristas worldwide, and offers a remarkably simple brew process with a single mechanical brew paddle. Other professional features that you’ll love include its excellent temperature stability, impressive steam power, and let’s not forget to mention the obvious… the aesthetic. Aside from the multitude of colors available, the minimalist design and café-like appearance will surely make this machine a focal point in your kitchen.

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Modeled after the classic Linea from La Marzocco, the Linea Mini brings an espresso icon to a kitchen-sized corpus. Beloved by baristas worldwide, the Linea Mini embodies a simple workflow with a single mechanical paddle, and exceptional build quality. It features a sleek stainless steel body with the iconic exposed group head, reminiscent of the classic Linea PB commercial machine. Its design showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen countertop.

2024 Updates

  • Dual Boilers and PID Temperature Control 
  • Easy Pressure Adjustment 
  • Built-In Shot Timer 
  • Rinse Mode for Efficient Cleaning 
  • Auto Back Flush and Standby Mode
  • Brew-by-Weight Scale Compatibility 
  • Barista Lights 
  • Group Cap Adopted from Commercial Espresso Machines 
  • Semi-Automatic Paddle 
  • Cool Touch Steam Wand 
  • Pre-Infusion System Hybrid Mode for Plumbed Machines 
  • La Marzocco Home App Integration Extended Timeout Period

Dual Boiler System

One of the standout features of the Linea Mini is its dual boiler system. With separate boilers for brewing and steaming, it allows for simultaneous brewing and milk frothing. This ensures temperature stability and optimal performance, enabling you to craft multiple drinks efficiently.

Integrated Group

La Marzocco's expertise in the commercial espresso machine industry is reflected in the Linea Mini's fully insulated, fully integrated brew group. This component, responsible for extracting espresso, offers precise temperature control and stability. Unlike an E-61 group (which is meant to lose heat, a product of its original intention for heat exchanger machines), the Linea Mini's group and brew boiler are directly connected. The end result? Achieve consistent, excellent shots of espresso with rich flavors and aromas.

Temperature Control

The simplicity of the Linea Mini creates a fool-proof environment for you to develop and experiment through your espresso journey. Temperature control is further enhanced by the PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller incorporated into the Linea Mini. The controller comes in the form of a stepped wheel on the left side of your La Marzocco, allowing you to fine-tune your brewing parameters, resulting in precise extraction and the added ability to customize your espresso to suit your preferences.

Commercial Use

Because the Linea Mini is is both UL and NSF certified, you can opt to use this espresso machine in a commercial setting, either in a café or in a mobile coffee cart. Having these certifications means the machine has satisfied the safety requirements and sanitation requirements set forth by their respective non-profits to ensure a higher set of standards for machines and equipment that are to be used in a business or commercial setting.

A Truly Connected Machine

Control your Linea Mini with the new La Marzocco Home Mobile App for Android and iOS devices. The La Marzocco Home Mobile App connects the home machine and the home barista in ways never before possible. Some of the things you can do from the comfort of your smart device include powering the machine on / off, create a schedule, control boiler temperature, enable & setting pre-brew on / off times, auto back flush, steam boiler control, line pressure pre-infusion note (only on plumbed in machines), Standby Mode, and review your particular machine’s stats and total shot counter.

NOTE: These new features and app started with serial number LM015906.

Steam Power

The Linea Mini boasts a 3.5 L steam (service) boiler. Not only is the steam boiler size impressive, but the power of this La Marzocco home espresso machine takes after its older brother, the commercial Linea. A short run of copper tubing from the steam boiler allows for better heat retention and greater ease producing micro foam for your latte art in mere seconds.

Barista Lights

Stage your next perfect shot of espresso on your Linea Mini's drip tray! The integrated barista lights illuminate either side of the group and shine down on your perfect shot while it's reflected on the mirrored panel under your group.

Brew Paddle

The simplicity of the Linea Mini La Marzocco is the most appealing to us. Less fuss and better espresso. Consistency shot to shot is integrated within the brew paddle. With automatic pre-infusion, the Linea Mini creates a preprogrammed lower pressure infusion of water that allows for not only consistency but also a greater integration of flavor and better mouthfeel.

Optional Plumb In Kit

Unlike commercial machines that require a direct water connection, the Linea Mini features a built-in water reservoir with a capacity of 2.5 L. This makes it convenient for home use, as it does not require plumbing installation. However, if you would like to directly plumb in your machine, you can easily purchase one of the Linea Mini Plumb In Kits linked below. The second option is a kit we custom build here at Chris’ Coffee, but it does not include a drain for the drip tray.

Plumb In Kit
Custom Plumb In Kit

Included with the Linea Mini

  • Portafilter baskets: 7g, 14g, 17g, 12g, blank
  • Standard European LM convex tamper
  • Installation guide / User guide
  • Convertible portafilter
  • Stainless steel steam wand tip
  • Purocaf Cleaning Solution
  • 12 oz. steaming pitcher

A Note About Shipping

This machine is drop shipped directly from La Marzocco. Your tracking number will be emailed to you separately once it’s provided to us. These machines are shipped set up to be used as a reservoir / tank / pour over only. We will sometimes bring in stock of these machines around the holidays to ensure a quick turnaround time. Either way, we will promptly give you the tracking as soon as it's available.

WARRANTY: 24 month parts and labor for home use, and 12 month parts only for commercial application. 

NOTE: Since these machines are drop shipped from La Marzocco availability is based on their inventory.


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Height 15 in.
Width 14 in.
Depth 21 in.
Cup Clearance 5.5 in.
Weight 71 lbs.
Voltage 120 V
Amperage 15 A
Wattage 1600 W
Outlet Requirements 60 Hz / 110 V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Other Specifications
Boiler(s) Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Size 3.5 L
Certifications UL / NSF
Reservoir Size2 L

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