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We offer a wide selection of K Cups including Green Mountain and many others.

Choose local pickup in our Albany office or ship anywhere in the USA!

Food Service

For over 40 years we have
been supplying food service establishments in the greater Capital District area with Quality and Service Second to None.
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Carola by Quick Mill S1 Vivaldi II by La Spaziale buyers remorse La Spaziale at Home Espresso Machine | New Espresso Machine S1
Carola by Quick Mill
MSRP: $1,350.00
Chris' Price: $1,095.00
You save $255.00!

S1 Vivaldi II by La Spaziale SN/265850-U
Chris' Price: $2,095.00
Used Price: $1,845.00
You save $250.00!
S1 Mini Vivaldi II by La Spaziale
MSRP: $2,695.00
Chris' Price: $1,795.00

Andreja Premium Evo Limited Edition by Quick Mill Sette 270 Grinder by Baratza Alex Duetto 3.0 by Izzo
Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Limited Edition
MSRP: $2,395.00
Chris' Price: $2,095.00
You save $300.00!
Sette 270 Grinder by Baratza
Chris' Price: $379.00

Alex Duetto 3.0 by Izzo
MSRP: $3,295.00
Chris' Price: $2,395.00
You save $900.00!

Mazzer Mini Electronic | Mazzer Mini E | Chris' Coffee Rocket R58 V2 | Rocket Espresso Coffee Maker La Marzocco Linea Mini - White
Rocket R58 V2
MSRP: $3,495.00
Chris' Price: $2,750.00
You save $745.00!


Find the Best Espresso Machine for Your Home or Café

Running a coffee shop can be a little hectic, but Chris’ Coffee is here to make your life easier with the best espresso machines, cappuccino machines, and coffee accessories that the industry has to offer.

Own a Quality Italian Espresso Machine from Your Favorite Brand!

Our business is designed to bring the best in espresso machines and parts to you, whether it is for your home or commercial business. We import all the best brands such as La Marzocco, La Cimbali, Faema, La Spaziale, and Nuova Simonelli directly from Italy from manufacturers who know us and our clientele very well. If you need an Italian espresso machine, look no further. All the most trusted brands in espresso machines are right here at Chris’ Coffee at unbelievably low prices!

We have the highest quality espresso machine products available today. If you need the best espresso machine parts or are wondering what machine is right for your home or business, give us a call at 518-452-5995 to ask one of our friendly experts for advice. Chris’ Coffee’s experienced technicians also offer quality repair services.

Chris' Coffee recognizes the global concern of protecting our environment for future generations.

Offering organically grown coffee is one way we are able to support the efforts of coffee growers who use no harmful chemicals in their farming. We are proud to be certified by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) for USDA organic certification on our line of organic coffees. We also roast organic coffee that has been certified by TransFair USA. Just look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label. Chris' Coffee Kosher Certification means the highest standard of kosher, built on a deep level of trust between manufacturers, producers and consumers.

USDA OrganicQAI CertifedFair Trade OrganicCircle K Kosher Certified