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Water Hardness Test Strips | Water Hardness Test | Chris' Coffee Water Hardness Test Strips

These water hardness test strips are not only perfect for testing the levels of calcium and magnesium in your tap water but also the effectiveness of filters such as Brita. Each package contains two test strips. Protect your investment: test your water often.

Chris' Price: $1.25

La Marzocco Copper Washer La Marzocco Copper Washer 19x13x1.5

A copper gasket seal for La Marzocco machines and can be used in the vacuum breaker, temperature probe and fill probe.

Chris' Price: $1.95

Braided Waterline Gasket Braided Waterline Fiber Gasket

A replacement gasket for a braided waterline.

Chris' Price: $1.95
Mounting Bracket for 10" Filter Housing Mounting Bracket for 10" Filter Housing

This mounting bracket is included when you purchase a 10" filter housing. It can also be purchased separately.

Chris' Price: $2.95
replacement inlet screen for home espresso machines Inlet Screen - Vesuvius, La Spaziale Mini and Dream T

A replacement inlet screen for the Vesuvius, La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi and the S1 Dream T.

Chris' Price: $3.95

Filter Wrench for 10" Housings Filter Wrench for 10" Housings

This filter wrench is for 10" filter housings.

Chris' Price: $3.99
Stainless T Connector Stainless T Connector

This is what we use to replace the Y Connector that keeps cracking and leaking on an Isomac espresso machine from lying against the boiler. You never have to worry about it melting or drying out and cracking again.

Chris' Price: $4.95

O-Ring for Water Filter Housing O-Ring for Water Filter Housing

Replacement o-ring for the 10" water filter housing.

Chris' Price: $4.95

Silicone Tubing by 12": 1/4" Silicone Tubing by 12": 1/4"

This is the replacement silicone tubing for your water lines inside an Isomac espresso machine or for that matter many semi-commercial espresso machines. Silicone tubing has a tendency to dry out and become brittle over time, especially when subjected to heat for prolonged periods of time. It's a good idea to check the condition of your tubing every now and then and replace it as needed before leaks occur.

Chris' Price: $4.95