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The Vario-W is a groundbreaking and improved version of Baratza's most popular coffee grinder, the Vario. Instead of being time-based, the Vario-W Baratza Coffee Grinder is a fully integrated weight-based grinder, using real-time grinding with a built-in electronic scale. You simply select the set weight you want and the Vario-W does the rest, weighing the ground coffee to within +/- 0.2 g while grinding, and stopping automatically.


This grinder has all of the exact same features of the original Vario: macro/micro adjustment, 54 mm ceramic flat burrs, operational panel, three dosage buttons, and broad range of grind. However, the focus of this machine is weight-based dosing instead of time-based dosing. To incorporate this, Baratza changed the size and the handle of the bin, so to leave some open gaps on the sides. There's also a built-in scale sensor bar on the bottom which the bin slides on to. By floating the bin over the sensor bar, the Vario-W can give you the proper ground coffee weight needed.

Because of the focus on weight-based dosing, the Vario-W is unable to operate with a porta-holder and doesn't have any timer technology in its programming. Baratza wanted to create a great weight-based grinder, thus giving you better coffee. With the Vario-W Baratza Coffee Grinder, you no longer have to manually pre-weigh your coffee beans. After dialing in, you will get the same exact dosing, giving you more cups per pound brewed than with any other grinder. This is a machine well-suited for the commercial environment, reducing your labor time while increasing the accuracy of shots. In the home environment, this grinder is perfect both for the coffee aficionado or the regular coffee drinker, thanks to its precision in weight-based technology and its programmable dosage buttons.

Technical Notes

The Vario-W is not compatible with Vario parts, most notably the portaholder. The portaholder adds more weight and will throw off the grinding dosage. The only light on the Vario-W front panel that turns on during operations is the one next to the Start/Stop button. Shut off hopper is now included with this grinder

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Height 14.2 in
Width 5.1 in
Depth 7.1 in
Hopper Capacity 285 g
Weight 9 lbs


Burr Size 54 mm
Burr Material Ceramic
Flat or Connical Flat
Grinding Adjustment Type Stepped Collar Adjustment
Average Output 1.6 g/s
Dose Setting(s)

Other Specifications

Motor Speed 1350 RPM
Power 180 W
Outlet Rating 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Equipped with Fan No
Start Push Button


Warranty Period 1 Year Parts & Labor
Warranty Provider Baratza
Warranty Contact or call 425-641-1245

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