Comandante Red Clix RX35

Comandante Red Clix RX35


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The combination of RX35 parts call RED CLIX have been designed for the professional coffee expert in a competition situation. Both the axle and the grind grade dial have been equipped with ultra fine precision thread. The main difference is the expanded click range for the same particle size range and the same brewing method. The click steps with RED CLIX are much finer, but at the same time, the click mechanism itself is as solid and stable as the standard version. 

Example: if you currently use 25 click for your brew method with RED CLIX you now need 50 clicks. If you go up or down by 5 clicks with the standard version with the RED CLIX you now need 10. This devise gives you additional steps between 2 standard clicks allowing you to optimize extraction time for particularly light roasted speciality coffee... such as our 2710 coffee!