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E61 Group Thermometer


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The purpose of this adapter and digital thermometer is to facilitate the measurement of brew water temperature about 1.25" away from the puck during a real brew cycle. In addition, and equally important, it measures the temperature of the group-head under idle conditions. It requires no drilling, tapping, soldering, brazing, cutting, Teflon tape, or epoxy but can ONLY be installed in E61 group-heads that are fully exposed. The difference between the temperature that you will be measuring using this adapter and measured temperature of the water hitting the puck is approximately 3-5 °F but may vary with different machines and different brew conditions and most certainly, varies over the course of a typical 23-27 second shot. The new style thermometer has switches for both the on/off function and temperature scales (°F/°C).Note: If you are not positive that your machine has an E61 Group take a digital photo and send it to us for verification.Send to:

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