Vivaldi II or Mini Vivaldi Digital Timer

Vivaldi II or Mini Vivaldi Digital Timer


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Note: This timer is ONLY compatible with the Vivaldi II. It is not possible to connect it to the Vivaldi I. If your machine has a round gauge it is a Vivaldi I and this timer will not work!

How to Install the Timer into the Vivaldi II / Mini Vivaldi Guide How to Operate the Timer Instructional Guide

This programmable seven-day timer connects directly to the motherboard of the Vivaldi II or the Mini Vivaldi and allows you to set the time you want your machine to turn on and off each day.

Format of the Display

With English as the selected language on your La Spaziale Vivaldi II or Mini Vivaldi timer, the time of the day is shown in standard HH:MM am/pm format on the first line. The second line on the timer's screen shows the date in standard MM-DD-YY format.

Leap Year & Daylight Savings Time

The clock module does automatically adjust for leap years and for daylight savings time if selected. While the timer does account for daylight savings time, those dates have remained the same and do not align with our current US DST dates. Consequently, it is best to leave this feature off.

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