Silvia Pro (Showroom)
Silvia Pro (Showroom)
Silvia Pro (Showroom)

Silvia Pro (Showroom)


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Showroom model. Only 2 of these left (1 new, 1 used) in stock until they're replaced entirely by the Pro X.


Blending the professional performance of Rancilio’s espresso machines and the remarkable success of the Rancilio Silvia, Silvia Pro provides precision and control over every shot unlike any other Silvia before!

The advanced brewing technology of the Rancilio Silvia Pro is impressive with a limited footprint thanks to its compact design. The new Silvia has an addition of dual PID, a digital display, and two independent boilers. With the steam boiler being separate from the brew boiler, the Rancilio designed the Silvia Pro to meet the needs of even the most expert baristas.

Key Features

Easy to Use

Unlike the original Silvia, the Rancilio Silvia Pro is much easier to use. To make a latte, for example, from start to finish on Silvia, it was 27-steps. With the dual boiler configuration of the Silvia Pro, you can do nearly all of those 27-steps in just one!

Steam Power

Being able to steam and brew at the same time is extremely convenient and makes the Silvia Pro even more of a dream to use. With multi-directional stainless steel steam wands, this single group espresso machine makes creating beautiful micro foam easier to get the wand at the exact angle needed.

According to Mark Prince of Coffee Geek and his unboxing “ Freakin wow. I ran only two tests, 150ml milk, and this machine is BLAZING FAST at steaming. Both took about 15 seconds or less to get from fridge temp to 145F. Seriously.”

For a machine the size of the Rancilio Silvia Pro, this is impressive! Something definitely of note!

Dual PID

The dual PID on the Rancilio Silvia Pro isn’t just a gimmick. The PID is the life of your double boiler espresso machine. It controls the internal boiler temperature of each boiler to the tenth of a degree! The dual boilers open you up to try a much wider range of coffees and offer a range of coffee solutions that Silvia previously was not capable of.

Shot Timer

Built right into the dual PID, the Silvia Pro has a shot timer. As soon as you start your brew process, the timer will start. The PID and timer is the screen at the center on the machine. It is a very comfortable place to see exactly how long your shot is running. A general rule of thumb is that a shot brewed at 9-bar should take about twenty-five to thirty seconds from start to finish for two ounces of espresso.

Wake Up Mode

While the Rancilio Silvia Pro does not have a built-in timer, there is an auto-on feature called wake-up mode. The wake-up mode is a little tricky to get into with slightly complicated cycling through menus, but it allows you to set the machine to turn back on X-hours later.

For example, if you’re setting the timer when you’re leaving for work at 7 am to be ready for your after-dinner latte at 5 pm, you’d have to calculate how many hours from 7 am 5 pm is. After doing the math, you can set it in half-hour increments.


Very similar to many Italian made espresso machines, the Rancilio Silvia has an energy-saving auto-off. This auto-off turns the Silvia Pro off by default after 30 minutes of inactivity. It can be set higher than 30 minutes up to 2 hours in half-hour increments.

Adjustable Drip Tray

Cup clearance is always an issue when you’re trying to repeat specialty cafe-quality espresso drinks.

When you first receive your new Silvia the steam boiler is off by default, in order to turn it on all you need to do if flip the steam switch. Once the light starts flashing that will indicate it is heating and when the light remains illuminated your temp. has been reached.

Included with the Silva Pro

  • 1 shower cleaning brush
  • 1 water softener
  • 1 double spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 rubber back flush disk
  • 1 container of cleaning tablets
  • 1 coffee measuring plastic spoon
  • 1 professional black wood tamper with stainless steel 58mm flat base


Note: One of the 3 tubes inside of the water reservoir is intentionally cut so that it does not get suctioned to the base of the tank.


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