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If you are looking for a Great Deal on a machine, check out our "Buyer's Remorse." machines. Wondering what a "Buyer's Remorse" machine is? "Buyer's Remorse" discounted espresso machines could be either of the following: a machine that may have been sold and returned to us and Slightly Used; or a machine that we had set up in our display room that we used for Demos. Any one of these will be sold as "Buyer's Remorse". Great deals to take advantage of!

If any of these equipment deals pique your interest, give us a call at 518-452-5995. We are here Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5 PM EST. You should note that these specials are first-come, first-served. To reiterate, our great service staff here at Chris' Coffee Service makes sure to bench test the machines thoroughly before they are shipped.

Please understand that these machines have either been returned from a customer, or have been used in our display room for a short time. It is to be expected that some of these items will have sustained some minor cosmetic damage in transit or from light usage. These machines are NOT new, and therefore are not expected to be in "perfect" condition.

NOTE : These machines do come with their original warranty, as if you bought a new machine and are all bench tested prior to shipping. Additional discounts are not valid on the purchase of these items.

You can also send an email to mackenzie@chriscoffee.com
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Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 - Used Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R - D1725GER09848

1 Group
EE \ Semi-Automatic
Heat exchange (1.8 liter)
1 Stainless steel swivel steam arm
1 Stainless steel swivel hot water spigot
Reservoir (2.9 liter) / Plumbed option
15 Amps \ 110 Volts
Stainless steel

Sale Price: $1,995.00
You save $455.00!
PuqPress Automatic Tamper | 58mm black and grey | Used PuqPress Automatic Tamper - 58mm Used SN/ 0401-3-17-002

Tamping needs to be exact, each time. That is what this company believes in, and that is why they designed this product. Simply place your portafilter in and the tamper is automatically activated giving you the perfect, even tamp time and time again!

Sale Price: $575.00
You save $375.00!