All warranty is void if equipment is used in a commercial application where the product(s) do not carry one or many of the following approvals: UL, NSF, UTL, ETL.


The warranty is provided by the seller, Chris’ Coffee Service, who is the warranty provider of all brands on our website with some exceptions for example: Baratza, Acaia, La Marzocco Linea Mini. For questions regarding warranty’s manufacturer provided as opposed to seller – contact the manufacturer directly.


All statements made within are only applicable toward products that are covered by Chris’ Coffee Service. Any products that carry a manufacturer warranty are void of this agreement.

Parts and Labor for standard merchandise is supplied by Chris’ Coffee Service. Shipping is paid by Chris’ Coffee Service during the first 30-days after the order date. For all other inquires regarding warranty service, please read the Repairs & Service policy.


    Necessary service that is the direct result of scale build up IS NOT covered under warranty and is classified as misuse and abuse
    Preventable clogs in grinding mechanisms
    Failure to adhere to manufacturer recommended use (misuse and abuse)
    Failure to adhere to the resources provided on the product page or within our knowledge base
    Improper use not intended by the manufacturer i.e, machine intended for consumer use in use in a commercial application
    Damage sustained from shipping and handling
    Improper assembly
    Improper storage
    Removal of the product from the intended region of use i.e. using a 110v machine in a 220v environment
    Modification that alters the product manufacturers’ intent or modifications or service performed by anyone other than Chris’ Coffee Service
    Materials or products that are not manufactured by the product(s) manufacturer under warranty
    Acts of god, such as but are not limited to lightning, flood, power outages and surges, or fire.