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Coffee & espresso coffee has been a part of our life for decades. Over that time we've learned so much and hope to further enrich your coffee drinking experience by sharing everything we've picked up along our journey. Keep tabs on industry news, barista tips, how to care for your espresso machine, buying guides, and more!

Espresso Machine FAQ

How to Clean Your Espresso Machine?

When you spend close to or above $2,000 on an espresso machine you want to make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure the longevity...
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E61 Tune Up

Just like your vehicle, no matter what you’re driving, it needs routine maintenance! At Chris’ Coffee Service our knowledgeable service technicians are well versed in every machine that...
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Shipping Common Carrier (LTL)

Some of our larger, heavier, espresso machines such as the La Marzocco GS3, Linea Mini, Vesuvius, Izzo Alex Leva, and a few others will ship out of...
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Using the La Spaziale Timer

Operating Instructions With the power on, the first line displays the current set time. The second line alternated between the current date and the next on (ON)...
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Quick Mill Carola Auto-Off Timer

The Carola Evo now has a built-in shot timer and is equipped with an 'Eco timer'. The 'Eco timer' gives the machine the ability to turn off the...
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New Energy Saving or Economy Modes on Quick Mill

How to Turn on the Auto-Off Feature Sometimes the auto-off feature is referred to as an economy mode as well. 1. With your machine off lift the...
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E61 Group Head Maintenance

In the sixty years since Ernesto Valente had the idea for this groundbreaking design, the E61 group head has become ubiquitous on espresso machines the world over....
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Choosing Between 15 or 20 Amp Mode

The difference between 15 Amp & 20 Amp Mode One of the most common questions we get asked with our dual boiler espresso machines is the difference...
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Back flushing 101

With the exception of Lever machines, regular backflushing is a vital part of any machine's maintenance schedule. Not only will it prolong the life of your machine, but it will also prevent the buildup of rancid coffee oils that will make your espresso taste bitter and acrid. Learn how and when to backflush, here!
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La Spaziale Dream Firmware Instructions

One of the major benefits of the La Spaziale Dream and Dream T is the ability to update the machine for optimal performance. Learn more about how to update your La Spaziale and get the latest features available!
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What terminals do I use when changing an Isomac thermostat for an Iimit thermostat?

The Isomac thermostat uses terminals P and terminals 1. The Limit thermostat uses terminals C and terminals 1. Isomac thermostat Limit thermostat   Note: There is no...
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What steam tips can be fitted on to my home espresso machine?

To see what steam tips we carry, the thread size, and what espresso machines they can be fitted on to, Click Here
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