La Spaziale Dream Firmware Instructions

The firmware upgrade feature on the Dream machine allows the user to upgrade their firmware to enable new features and also fix any bugs that may reside in the software. An SD memory card reader has been provided to make this a simple procedure.

The latest version of the programming (v 1.24) adds the following improvements:

  • A "Smart Power" function in the programming, which allows you to use the machine with a properly rated and approved timer plug or smart outlet.
  • Removes the "High Water Pressure" alarm
  • Suspension of boiler refill when a shot is being pulled, to improve shot stability
  • Minor bug fixes

Download a copy of the latest La Spaziale Dream Firmware File

After downloading the new firmware file, save it to the desktop. Double click on the downloaded file to unzip your latest firmware. Then save the unzipped bin file labeled as S1D_0119.bin an SD card with at least 8GB of storage space. The provided memory card reader that comes with the machine is used to interface with the espresso machine and not with a computer.

After saving the file to the memory card, do not remove it from the computer until the memory card device has been ejected from the computer. This is very important to help prevent the data on the memory card from getting damaged.

If the file does not copy to the memory card, then make sure the lock for the memory card is unlocked.


Loading the firmware file to the Dream

After loading the firmware file on the memory card, insert the card into the card reader provided with the machine. Do not connect the card reader to the machine at this time.

Turn the machine on and then access the main menu. Cycle through the menu until the icon for "SW UPDATE" appears on your La Spaziale's touch screen. Press the "OK/MENU" button, and then the display should read "Insert SD Card Reader" press "OK."

Open the right side of the SD card reader cover located to the right of your dual manometer.

Connect the SD card reader to the connection behind the cover. The connection is keyed and only connects one way. Make sure the card reader is firmly seated.

After connecting the card reader, press the "OK/MENU" button. The machine should turn off and then turn back on after a few seconds.

The menu times out if it takes too long to connect the SD card reader; if this happens: go back into the SW Update menu and then press the OK/MENU button again.

The display should now show all of the firmware files loaded on to the SD card. Select the newest version firmware file as a download at the beginning of this guide and then press the OK/MENU button.

The display should now read "INSTALLING NEW FIRMWARE" and "REMOVE THE SD CARD AND REBOOT THE SYSTEM" when the update concludes.

Unplug the machine from the electrical outlet and then disconnect the SD Card Reader from the machine. Plug the machine back into the electrical outlet, but DO NOT turn it on yet.

Warning: Follow the procedure below before turning the machine on.

1. Press and hold the OK/MENU button for 5 seconds. "SELECT BOILER THRESHOLD" is now on your display

2. Press the up arrow button to select "THRESHOLD B" for Dream machines up to serial # 259547 and Dream T machines up to serial # 259496 and then press the OK/MENU button to confirm. All serial #'s after that range must be set to "THRESHOLD A"

3. After setting the threshold, you must also set the offset value to ensure accurate temperature contol. The new offset setting should be 0°F/0°C. Failure to change the offset setting results in temperature inaccuracies and flavor loss.

The machine can now be used normally.