Shipping Common Carrier (LTL)

Some of our larger, heavier, espresso machines such as the La Marzocco GS3, Linea Mini, Vesuvius, Izzo Alex Leva, and a few others will ship out of our warehouse (or be drop shipped from the vendor) on a small wooden pallet and picked up by a trusted and reliable trucking company of our choosing to safely deliver your machine to your driveway.

Some carriers include:

Tazmanian Freight, Old Dominion, RIST, A Duie Pyle and R&L.

This type of delivery service costs quite a bit more money, but we cover the cost to ship it via this method to ensure your machine doesn't get damaged from mishandling such a heavy piece of equipment. When the machine is picked up and on its way to you, we will email you the name of the company, their contact phone number, a link to track, and your Pro # (tracking number).

The trucking company themselves will reach out to you by phone when they've reached the nearest terminal in your area to schedule a day and time to deliver the goods. 

From there, it will be delivered and unloaded from their truck with a lift-gate to your driveway. This service does not include inside delivery, which also includes your garage. If you request an inside delivery, that type of service will cost an additional $50 fee.

Upon inspection of the pallet you should notate on the BOL if there are any physical signs of damage, and document it with photos in case any sort of claim needs to be filed. Sometimes the package may appear damaged, but the machine itself will be unharmed. There is no need to take further action if this is the case.

Download the Inspection Checklist here.