E61 Flow Control Device
E61 Flow Control Device

E61 Flow Control Device


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If your machine has an E61 group head, YES this product should work. We can only confirm with certainty that it is compatible with any Quick Mill, Izzo and Rocket machine being that those are the machines we stock and sell here. However it should also work on any Expobar, Bezzera, ECM or Profitec machines as well. Please read our returns & exchanges policy before ordering. 


Manual Flow Profiling

Installation Manual

With the Quick Mill E61 group head flow control device you can manually profile your extractions by adjusting the flow from the closed position (0-bar) to full pump pressure, usually 9-bar. This E61 flow control device can work on many common machines like the ECM flow control device does.

The flow control device can be installed in machines that are equipped with standard E61 groupheads. With just a couple of tools, your coffee machine will be able to vary the amount of flow using the stainless steel needle valve now installed on your E61 group. This needle valve is the main working component that allows the user to vary the flow of water to your coffee where you’ll have full control of saturation and extraction of all that you love about your espresso!

Installing the E61 Flow Control

The Quick Mill flow control kit provides you with all of the necessary pieces you’ll need to install it to your existing E61 group. It installs on the front of the group with just a couple of tools required:

  • Teflon Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • 12” Adjustable Socket Wrench

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools required for installation, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Wrap the top of the mushroom with electrical tape to prevent it from getting marred by the 12” adjustable socket wrench.
  2. Loosen the mushroom at the top of the group with the adjustable wrench.
  3. Remove the mushroom from the top of the group, along with the Teflon seal and set aside.
  4. Grab the new mushroom that came with the Quick Mill E61 flow control kit and unscrew the black knob. Now remove the knob and cap before inserting the mushroom into the top of the group.
  5. Replace the Teflon seal that was removed in step three with the new seal that was included with your flow control kit. Install the new mushroom and tighten.
  6. With your hand, turn the post that has been exposed after removing the black knob and cap clockwise until hand tight. This is ensuring that the needle valve is completely closed in this position or ‘off’ as we’ll refer to it.
  7. Now that the valve is in the closed position, set the cap with the black knob attached back on the post you just tightened. Once placed on the post tighten the black knob. This will maintain the position of the cap so as you start to adjust flow the cap does not move positions.
  8. With the 5mm Allen wrench unscrew the Allen screw on the front-center of your E61 group.
  9. Remove the Teflon seal and install it on the backside of the gauge.
  10. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads below the Teflon seal a couple of times and finger tighten the pressure gauge on the front of the group to lock it into place.
  11. Wrap electrical tape around your discharge spout and loosen the nut closest to the top of the spout until removed.
  12. Once the discharge spout has been removed, remove the preinfusion valve. Replace the brew valve spring that surrounds the preinfusion valve with the spring that was included in the E61 Group Head Flow Control Device Kit.
  13. Once the brew valve spring has been replaced around the preinfusion valve and inserted back into the discharge spout, tighten the discharge spout back into the bottom of your E61 group, and you’re ready to start up your espresso machine! 


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