Choosing Between 15 or 20 Amp Mode

The difference between 15 Amp & 20 Amp Mode

One of the most common questions we get asked with our dual boiler espresso machines is the difference between each electrical configuration. The main difference is how the espresso machine’s power is distributed between each of the boilers. There are many benefits to each power mode, but the main thing to consider between the two is what your home set-up near your new home espresso machine is going to be.

Why 20 Amp Mode?

The main difference between fifteen and twenty amp mode is how quickly the espresso machine heats up. Twenty amp mode is commonly referred to as “full power” mode whereas fifteen amp is an economy (eco) mode. In twenty amp, full power, mode your espresso machine on initial heat up will simultaneously heat both your steam boiler and brew boiler. After each boiler has been sufficiently heated to their set temperature, commonly by a PID, the espresso machine will feather just enough energy to the boiler that is in need of heating.

Why 15 Amp Mode?

Conversely - in fifteen amp mode, economy mode, your espresso machine will take a little bit longer to heat up. In 15 amp mode, your coffee boiler takes precedence over the steam boiler. In economy mode on initial heat up your espresso machine will heat the coffee boiler to full temperature, then heat the steam boiler to full temperature. After that point where both boilers are heated to their set temperature, your espresso machine will feather just enough energy to the boiler that is in need of heating.

How do I decide?

It’s not just a matter of deciding how quickly you want to get down to business. It would be best if you made sure that where your espresso machine is set-up the circuit and electrical receptacle is compatible.

The Receptacle

If your receptacle looks like the one of the left, like a regular home outlet, then you’ll need to run your espresso machine in fifteen amp mode. If your receptacle looks like the one on the right, you’ll have the capability of running your espresso machine in both 15 and 20 amps.

difference between a 15 amp and 20 amp 110V outlet

With all of our home espresso machines that have the capability of operating in both fifteen and twenty amp mode, we include an adapter, as well as set your espresso machine in 15-amp mode using the PID when you choose 15 amp mode on the product page. If you select 20 amp mode, we place your espresso machine in 20-amp mode when bench testing in twenty amp mode and the adapter is not included.

The Circuit

Not only do you need to consider the receptacle but the actual circuit itself is critical. With either 15 or 20 amp mode, you can run your home espresso machine on a 20 amp circuit. If the location in which you’re plugging your espresso machine in is a 15 amp circuit, you will be required to run your espresso machine in 15 amp mode only to prevent tripping your breaker.