A careful selection process takes place among the Nachtrieb family where different lots of coffee are cupped originating from any one of the 10+ countries we import from. It's only after the coffee has passed our team’s highest quality standards that full shipments of green bean are delivered to our roasting facility. Chris' coffee is brought in from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, and Guatemala, to name a few.

Our Equipment

Located in the south wing of our warehouse sits four industrial coffee roasters, featuring the newly purhased Joper CRM-120. This machine is known for its indirect air flow roasting system, quick cooling, efficient oven, and impeccable reputation for reliability and consistency. The Joper brand is known for their high end manufacturing and engineering process, handcrafted in Portugal out of traditional high-quality durable materials like cast iron and carbon steel. Below is a full list of our industrial roasters we have operating daily.

• Joper Roaster CRM-30 (120 Kg/Hr)
• Joper Roaster CRM-60 (240 Kg/Hr)
• Joper Roaster CRM-120 (480 Kg/Hr)
• USRC Roaster 60 Kg Millenium (240 Kg/Hr)


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