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10 Inch Filter & Softener


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This 15,000 PPM cat-ion softener cartridge is a generic 10". Simply put, it will fit any standard 10" filter housing. This cartridge is rated at 15,000 PPM of softening capability or 862 grians per gallon. Here is an example of what this rating means: If your water hardness tests out to be 10 grains of hardness per gallon, this cartridge will soften approximately 86 gallons of water before needing a replacement

Don't make the mistake of buying a filter system that locks you into a specific brand of filter or softener cartridge. Most name brand filter systems lock you into their replacement cartridges because they are the only ones that will fit the housing.

This is the replacement softener cartridge for the Softening & Filtration System we carry online.

This softener should never be installed directly in-line before your espresso machine. You should always install a carbon filter after the softener! The carbon block filter does two things: The final polishing of the water and it assures none of the cat-ion crystals get drawn up into your machine, which can cause major problems.