Heating Element

Heating Element


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We recommend using a 30mm or 1 3/16" socket and an impact wrench to install this element. When changing the element, you should also change the gasket at the same time. You can find that element gasket, here.

This heating element is commonly used for the:

  • Quick Mill Alexia
  • Izzo Alex coffee boiler heating element
    • Izzo Alex I
    • Izzo Alex II
    • Izzo Alex III
  • Isomac
    • Tea
    • Millennium
    • Amica
    • Millennium
    • Mondiale
    • Relax
    • Rituale
    • Zaffiro
  • Rocket machines with horizontal boilers
    • R58 Coffee Boiler
    • R Nine One Boilers
    • R60 Coffee Boiler

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