Rapid Rinse Station

Rapid Rinse Station


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For the fastest and most effective way to rinse, dry, and store your blender jars, the Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station is here to deliver. Instead of spending all of your precious time away from your customers, constantly heading out of your station to meticulously clean your jars in the sink, the Rapid Rinse Station can be placed right next to your blenders for convenience and ease of use.

It cuts down both your time and waste. It saves up to two minutes in between blends, at it quickly jets water inside the jar and washes away residue. This elementary and effective operation uses 2/3 less water needed, thus helping the environment and cutting utility costs.

The station itself is an interesting invention. It was constructed to feature a low profile design in order to be easily movable and to free up your counter. In the front is the Rapid Rinser. It is activated by pressing down on the plate with a jar, which in turn releases water through the spray nozzle. Other than featuring uncomplicated performance, Blendtec also created the Rapid Rinser in order to reduce human exposure to harmful sanitizers and prevent skin irritation. The back of the machine features a section devoted to drying off and storing your other blender jars.

The Rapid Rinse is compatible with all Blendtec jars. It can be operated with other pitcher jars and even other items, from a shot glass up to an eight inch bowl.

The Rapid Rinse Station does not come with a Blendtec jar.


  • High-pressure nozzle for fast cleaning
  • 6' flexible nylon-reinforced tubing
  • 3/8" compression fitting for water hookup
  • 2.23 GPM flow rate>
  • NSF certified


  • 9" W
  • 20 1/2" D
  • 6 1/4" H
  • 6 lbs


One year warranty for the overall system and Rapid Rinser in addition to a lifetime warranty for the spray nozzle, provided by the manufacturer. If any problems, give them a call

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