Compak Bolt 83 (Black)

Compak Bolt 83 (Black)


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"I used the Compak Bolt so that I could test it under real-world conditions, and that thing was incredible! I never had to adjust the grind throughout the entire night (a first), and having ground coffee ready to go at a moment's notice was very useful."

- Sam N.

(service technician/barista)


The Compak BOLT 83 espresso grinder is a remarkable piece of equipment that stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation, precision, and durability in the world of coffee grinding. Crafted with both the discerning home barista and the bustling coffee shop environment in mind, the BOLT 83 embodies a sleek, modern design that conceals a powerhouse of grinding capabilities within its sturdy frame.


The BOLT 83 provides the user the unique ability to switch between using the grinder’s doser or going doserless depending on the situation. When there is a heavy rush and speed is required, the BOLT 83’s internal doser can be used to dispense pre-programmed doses while simultaneously grinding for the next dose to save the barista valuable time. When the barista wants more control during slower parts of the day, the BOLT 83 can be easily switched to grind on demand via the digital menu.


At the heart of the Compak BOLT 83 is its impressive 83mm flat burrs, engineered from hardened steel to ensure uniform grinding with minimal heat transfer. This is crucial for preserving the delicate flavor profiles of your coffee beans. The size of the burrs is significant because larger burrs spin more slowly, which reduces heat generation and protects the integrity of the beans’ essential oils, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic espresso shot.


The grinder's motor is another standout feature, designed to offer both power and efficiency. This ensures that the BOLT 83 can handle continuous use during peak hours in a commercial setting, yet is intuitive enough for home users seeking to elevate their espresso experience. The motor's performance is balanced to maintain a consistent grinding speed, which aids in producing a consistent grind size - a critical factor for perfecting your espresso extraction.

Grind Adjustment

One of the BOLT 83's most user-friendly features is its stepless grind adjustment. This allows baristas to fine-tune the grind size with precision, ensuring the perfect grind for a variety of brewing methods beyond just espresso. Whether you are dialing in your espresso machine at the crack of dawn or switching to a French press for a mid-afternoon brew, the BOLT 83 offers the flexibility needed to explore the vast world of coffee with ease.


The grinder also boasts a generous hopper capacity, capable of holding up to 1.2 kilograms of coffee beans. This large capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, making it an ideal choice for high-volume settings. Yet, the design remains thoughtful of space constraints, with a footprint that balances capacity and counter space efficiency.


Weighing in at a substantial 13 kilograms, the BOLT 83's build quality speaks to its durability and stability during operation. The weight ensures the grinder remains stable on the countertop, minimizing vibration and noise, which contributes to a more pleasant coffee grinding experience.

In conclusion, the Compak BOLT 83 espresso grinder is an exceptional choice for both professional baristas and home coffee enthusiasts alike. Its blend of advanced features, including large burrs, powerful motor, precise grind adjustment, and large hopper capacity, are designed to enhance the coffee brewing process, making it a joy to use day in and day out. With its robust construction and sleek design, the BOLT 83 not only performs to the highest standards but also adds a touch of sophistication to any coffee brewing setup.

For more information on this grinder, and all their other new grinders, take a look at their YouTube Page

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Height 26 in.
Width 9.09 in.
Depth 15.12 in.
Hopper Capacity 1200 g
Weight 30.86 lbs.
Burr Size 83 mm
Burr Material Tempered Steel 100Cr6
Flat or Conical Flat
Grind Adjustment Type Micrometric
Average Output 30 Kg/h (Espresso)
Dose Setting(s) 1, 2 or 3 ground doses on demand
Other Specifications
Motor Speed 1600 RPM
Power 610 W
Outlet Rating NA
Equipped with Fan Yes
Start NA