Joystick Valve Assembly
Joystick Valve Assembly
Joystick Valve Assembly

Joystick Valve Assembly


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Compatible with many Italian home espresso machine who's service boiler delivery pipe is equipped with a 3/8" BSPP nut on the interior of the machine. With these joystick assemblies, our Joystick Adapter Kit is usually required to accommodate the joystick valve assemblies convex valve end that connects to the delivery pipe.

Steam wand (no burn) includes a 2 hole steam tip.

When using the joysticks, they do 'lock' into place, you do not need to hold them to remain in the open or on position. This goes for whichever direction the knob is pushed: up, down, left, right.

Purchase the Joystick Adapter Kit

You'll need the joystick adapter kit if you have one of the following machines for example:

  • Alex Duetto
  • Rocket Cellini



There is no warranty on these parts, and some minor cosmetic imperfections may be visible due to the nature of how they're made, packaged, and shipped to us from Italy.

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