GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
GS3 Volumetric
La Marzocco

GS3 Volumetric

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GS3 Volumetric ships via a trucking company such as Old Domion, A. Duie Pyle, FedEx Freight, etc and signature is required. The shipment will be on a pallet and inside delivery is not available unless specified for an additional $75 charge. Please save all packaging, including the pallet, for any future reasons for shipping including returns, exchanges, and repairs. All exchanges & returns must be recieved within 30-days of the ship date and a return can be initiated by contacting a Chris' Coffee customer service reprentative here. GS3 Volumetric must be returned in the condition recieved - all shipping costs will be deducted from the original purchase price contained on the order GS3 Volumetric was placed on.
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This version of the La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine uses an electronics package that allows for precise & repeatable shots that can be programmed by water volume. The GS/3 MP version gives you manual control over the pre-infusion and brewing times with a paddle valve control.

Think consistency when it comes to this GS/3 AV. It uses an electronically controlled espresso system, utilizing the same electronics package as the GB5 AV to actuate the pump and the group's solenoid valve to create the appropriate pressure to extract coffee. The electronic control is what actually enables the volumetric functions of the La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine. Attached to the cold water side of the boiler is a small wheel (flow meter) that spins when water passes through. The AV is able to count and measure the precise amount of water that passes through the group head and can be programmed by a user to dispense that same amount each time.

The AV also has a few more bits of functionality thanks to the electronics. 1st - the ability to program pre-infusion times into each button. The machine allows you to pre-infusion for 4 seconds, rest for 5 seconds, and then begin brewing. Whether plumbed in or not, pre-infusion is accomplished by quickly engaging the pump for 1-5 seconds (adjustable for each AV preset), then disengaging it for 1-5 seconds, then engaging the pump for brewing, which is able to replicate a smooth pre-infusion pressure cure." - La Marzocco Home
**New Cool Touch Steam Wand:

The cool touch steam wand has changed to improve both convenience and steaming power. It has been replaced from Teflon tubing to a double-walled steel cool-touch wand. This combines the performance of the Pro Steam wand with the convenience of the cool touch wand. With this change, the Pro Steam wand option will no longer be an option on the GS3. This will also be standard on the GS3 AV model.

***The La Marzocco GS3 is highly customizable, allowing you to change out nearly everything, from the side panels to the portafilter to the group cap. Click Here to see the many optional accessories to meet your tastes.***

The Volumetric La Marzocco GS3

We have the commercial La Marzocco GS3 Espresso Machine for sale right here at Chris' Coffee! It’s powerful enough and has the performance capacity to handle almost any commercial setting, yet it is still compact and simple enough to use as a high-end consumer machine.

Features of the Volumetric La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine:

  • Water reservoir or plumb-in options
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Triple and double Strada insert baskets
  • Ability to program the temperature in 0.1¬∞ F increments
  • Two stainless steel portafilters
  • System that pre-heats brew water
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • Clear LCD display
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • 3 3/4" clearance between the drip tray and the portafilter
  • BPA Free plastic resevoir


Height 14 in
Width 16 in
Depth 21 in
Cup Clearance 6 in
Weight 73 lbs


Voltage 110 V
Amperage 15 A
Wattage 1600 W

Other Specifications

Boiler(s) Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Size 1.5L C/ 3.5L S L
Certifications ETL / NSF / UL
Reservoir Size 3.5 L