Pressure Regulator Valves with Gauge

Pressure Regulator Valves with Gauge


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This pressure regulator valve with gauge comes complete with either a 1/4" or 3/8" John Guest fittings pre-installed for easy installation. The valve is preset to 50psi. While it has a range of 0-100psi, we recommend that the regulator be set to 35-45psi when used for an espresso machine.

In order to install and set your pressure regulator, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your water supply
  2. Install the pressure regulator on your line post-filter but before the machine. A numbered "1" and "2" on the regulator body indicates the input and output respectively. It may also have an arrow indicating the correct direction. It is very important that you install it in the correct direction! Installing it backwards will mean that you cannot adjust the regulator
  3. Put the output tube of the pressure regulator into a bucket
  4. Turn the water supply on so that the water runs through the regulator and into the bucket
  5. After attaching the water supply, outlet pressure can be increased by rotating the adjustment screw clockwise. Pressure can be decreased by turning counter clockwise. Push knob inward to lock pressure.
  6. Push back down on the adjustment knob to set that pressure
  7. Turn off the water supply
  8. Connect the output tube of the regulator to your machine

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