Espresso Profile 12 One Gallon Sticks
Espresso Profile 12 One Gallon Sticks
Espresso Profile 12 One Gallon Sticks

Espresso Profile 12 One Gallon Sticks


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Are you ignoring your water quality? It's one of the most critical factors in the survival of your home espresso machine, but also the quality of your coffee itself. While you could use distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) treated water, it will leave you with bland espressos lacking any of the subtle nuances you're striving for in a great shot of espresso. Not to mention - many home espresso machines!

Third Wave Water looks to solve all of your water quality problems in one packet! One of the twelve packages makes one gallon of perfectly crafted water. Third Wave Water only adds in what you need while leaving out all of the harmful elements that either make your espresso taste less than ideal or begin to scale your boiler(s) over time.

How to use

The beauty of Third Wave Water 'Espresso Profile' is how easy it is to get perfect water:

Just add one Third Wave Water Espresso Profile capsule to one gallon of distilled or RO water, shake, and use to brew your favorite coffee. Your coffee has never tasted so good!