Vivaldi Timer Installation

The La Spaziale Vivaldi and Mini Vivaldi timer add to the already rich set of features on each of these home espresso machines. The Vivaldi timer is an external 7-day programmable timer that automatically turns your espresso machine on or off at specific times.

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Remember that the La Spaziale Vivaldi timer should be kept off to the side of the machine in a cool and dry location or damage may occur.

How-to install the La Spaziale Vivaldi Timer

1. Remove the cup warming tray

Remove the top plastic cup guard and then unscrew the recessed Phillips screw (1) and remove the top cup warming tray.

2. Removing the front panel splash guard

Remove the two Phillips screws (2) and then remove the stainless steel splash panel.

remove the la spaziale Vivaldi drip tray and front panel

3. Route the Timer Cable

Cut the zip tie holding the timer cable in place and then route the cable through the access hole in the bottom of the machine.

4. Expose the Cable Connector

Remove the orange protective sheath that is covering the cable connector and then install the stainless steel splash panel back on to the machine.

rerouting the cable on the la Spaziale Vivaldi for the timer

5. Turn On

In the back right corner of the machine is a black plastic box with two toggle switches. Turn the on/off switch to the “on” position and then install the top cup warming tray and cup guard back on to the machine.

turning the timer switch on within the la Spaziale Vivaldi

6. Connecting the La Spaziale Vivaldi Timer

Remove the three Phillips screws on the back of the timer and then open it up. After you have removed the back panel of the Vivaldi timer, remove the timer cable shown in the picture and then attach the cable from the machine to the same spot. You will not need the cable that came with the timer, but it’s a good idea to keep as a spare. Using the three screws you removed earlier, put the timer's back panel back on.

connecting the Vivaldi timers cable to the la Spaziale Vivaldi