What Are Fractional Packages?

What Are Fractional Packages?

Fractional packages, or "frac packs," are perfectly ground and measured for home or business use. Most common in the business environment, food service specifically, fractional packages or pre-measured coffee packs make brewing a pot of coffee even more enjoyable.

How Long Do They Stay Fresh?

Pre-measured fractional packages stay fresh much longer than other ground coffee because of how they're packed. They even stay fresher for longer than whole bean!

We achieve this freshness and a shelf life of months by pushing nearly all of the oxygen out of the bag. Exposure of the coffee to oxygen, oxidation, is the leading cause to freshness deterioration in coffee. By forcing nitrogen through the package as it's being sealed as much as 99% of the oxygen is removed from the interior of the package.

What Size Package Should I Buy?

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) the 'Golden Cup Standard' is 2 oz/liter. In many cases you'll have an 8-cup coffee maker, the conversion is that your 8-cup coffee maker makes about 1-liter. In this case, you'll need about one to two 2.50 oz fractional package.

4-Cup Coffee Maker 0.5 liters
8-Cup Coffee Maker 1.0 liters
12-Cup Coffee Maker 1.5 liters