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Coffee & espresso coffee has been a part of our life for decades. Over that time we've learned so much and hope to further enrich your coffee drinking experience by sharing everything we've picked up along our journey. Keep tabs on industry news, barista tips, how to care for your espresso machine, buying guides, and more!

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What Does Fair Trade Organic Coffee Really Mean?

You keep hearing it. Fair Trade Organic Coffee.   But what does it actually mean?   Chris’ Coffee is proud to be offering a number of Fair...
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How to Make Espresso at Home

The building blocks for any espresso at home include the following: the correct espresso machine that will fit not only your physical limitations at your location, but also the types of espresso...
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How to Make a Latte With An Espresso Machine

One of the benefits of having an espresso machine at home is being able to make café quality drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. If a latte is your drink of choice then let’s...
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What Are Fractional Packages?

Fractional packages, or "frac packs," are perfectly ground and measured for home or business use. Most common in the business environment, food service specifically, fractional packages or pre-measured...
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Using an Espresso Leveler

Anyone who knows me will know that... I like coffee. And not just coffee, but the process of making coffee. I’m the nerd who likes to spend...
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Sensory Lexicon

Designed by the fine folks over at World Coffee Research Institue, the Sensory Lexicon is a project aimed at designing a system to give us a quantifiable...
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Triangle Testing

Sometimes called a determination test, a triangle test is designed to figure out if there is a difference between two products.  The premise is that you have...
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