What Does Fair Trade Organic Coffee Really Mean?

What Does Fair Trade Organic Coffee Really Mean?

You keep hearing it. Fair Trade Organic Coffee.


But what does it actually mean?


Chris’ Coffee is proud to be offering a number of Fair Trade & Organic coffees from around the globe. To be clear, not all fair trade coffee is organic, and not all organic coffee is fair trade.


However, we at Chris’ Coffee offer only Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee. In short, fair trade organic coffee is produced and traded in a way that supports both social and environmental sustainability. Fair Trade refers to a system of trade that ensures that coffee farmers receive fair prices for their products, which helps to support their livelihoods and communities.


Organic refers to coffee that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals, which helps to protect the environment and the health of the farmers and consumers.


Fair trade and organic coffee are often produced by small-scale farmers who are organized into cooperatives or other organizations that help them to negotiate better prices for their coffee and provide them with resources and support to improve their farming practices. These farmers are typically paid a fair trade premium, which is an additional amount of money that is paid on top of the market price for their coffee. This premium can be used by the farmers to invest in their communities, improve their farming practices, or provide social services such as education and healthcare.



How Do You Know if What You’re Drinking is Really Fair Trade?


Chris’ Coffee goes through a rigorous review process put forth by QAI, or Quality Assurance International. Food products that are certified by QAI have been verified to meet strict, pre-defined standards issued by the USDA, our Department of Agriculture.


You can see a list of our Certified Fair Trade Organic coffee’s by clicking here!


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