New Features of the 2019 Quick Mill Vetrano 2B

The latest version of the Vetrano 2B Evo from Quick Mill is still the same workhorse of a prosumer home espresso machine made in Italy as it always has been. As you start looking at the latest version, however, you’ll see some update cosmetic features that have improved the overall aesthetics of the machine. What you might not see however are the internal changes that have greatly enhanced the longevity and if the appropriate modes within the new programming are selected, potential energy savings as well.

Functional Changes to the Vetrano 2B

ECO Mode

The new brushed aluminum PID controller with LED backlit screen is packed full of new features including an ECO mode. When this eco mode is engaged, it reduces your espresso machine’s energy consumption by turning the heating element off for the steam boiler after sixty-minutes of inactivity. With the Vetrano 2B’s 1400 watt steam boiler’s heating element this accounts for a lot of your machine’s energy consumption.


In addition to the eco mode that can be turned on and off within the PID programming, there is an auto-off feature that shuts both the steam and brew boiler off after 120 minutes of inactivity.

Stainless Steel Boilers

Following the latest trend in home espresso boilers, both of the Vetrano 2B Evo’s boilers are stainless steel. The new stainless steel boilers substantially extend the longevity of your espresso machine’s boilers when taken care of appropriately.

Cosmetic Changes to the Vetrano 2B

In addition to the functional changes to the Vetrano 2B Quick Mill made some changes to the look of one of our favorite dual boiler espresso machines of theirs. The new Vetrano 2B stays true the traditionalist love of the exposed E61 group head but adds a couple of really sleek touches.


The new brushed aluminum PID with an LED backlit screen adds a clean, modern touch that gets rid of what was previously just a very utilitarian looking item on the front of the machine to something that adds some beauty to the machine’s all stainless steel body. The raised brushed aluminum buttons also prevent them from getting too hot to handle while the machine is on and make it easier to access the programming settings.

New Dual Manometer

In addition to the PID Quick Mill swapped out the old white-faced dual manometer for a deep blue dual manometer. It still measures the pressure of each of your boilers like before, but the new face’s deep color sinks into the machine only noticing it when needed, not distracting from the beauty of the front of your new Vetrano.

New Stainless Steel Brew Lever

An update to the brew lever in all stainless steels adds a sleek touch to the machine from the previous brew lever which was in two pieces.


New Drip Tray

Quick Mill has also executed a minor change to the drip tray. Their metal work is always exceptional having started in 1945, and the Vetrano is no difference. Creating beautifully curved edges with stainless steel is difficult, but the new curved edges on the drip tray’s faceplate make the entire drip tray melt into the body of the machine forming what appears to be a single piece while giving the ease of emptying your drip tray if you choose not to use the drain underneath.