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Buyers remorse, customer went with the dual boiler Silvia Pro X instead.


Originally produced as a gift to high-performance sales representatives at Rancilio, the Silvia M has become a fan favorite for the home espresso enthusiast. The attractive price point and it’s impressive reliability is the reason why you’ll never hear a bad Rancilio Silvia espresso machine review!

While there is a learning curve with the Silvia espresso machine, as well as any single boiler espresso machines, once you nail it you’ll be hooked! With 10-years of superior performance ‘Miss Silvia’ as she’s affectionately known will become a fixture on your counter for many years to come.

When looking through Rancilio Silvia Reviews you’ll find that many appreciate it’s classic linear design that fits most decors. It’s also incredibly well-suited for small spaces. Measuring in at only 9.5"x11" at its base, 13 inches in height, it’s footprint is much smaller than most.

Key Features

Energy Efficient

The Rancilio Silvia has a single boiler that is used for both steam as well as brewing. With any single boiler you cannot brew and steam at the same time like other espresso machines. Espresso machines that are heat exchangers or dual boilers are much more expensive than the Rancilio Silvia, but can steam and brew at the same time.

There is a 0.3 liter (12-ounce) lead-free NSF certified brass boiler that is marine grade and insulated for maximum heat retention as well as energy efficiency. The insulation of the boiler contributes to an 8% reduction in energy consumption when in standby mode. With it’s larger than normal single boiler the Silvia boiler produces superior steam power and impressive recovery times far better than many machines within it’s class. In other words, making steamed milk is even quicker on the Silvia! No more waiting for milk frothing.

In addition to the boiler’s efficiency, the group itself is made of high-quality materials as well. The forged marine brass group is at the heart of the best quality espresso the Silvia can produce! It’s lasting quality over many years is also a major plus.

Commercial Quality

Every aspect of the Rancilio Silvia M has been painstakingly looked after. While being a home espresso machine, Rancilio didn’t skimp. From the marine grade lead-free brass components down to the switches, an effort to make Miss Silvia a lifetime machine was considered.

What do the switches do on the Rancilio Silvia?

With the same switches as their commercial units like the S20 series, there are four rocker switches. The main power switch is located at the center of the machine separate from the other switches. There are two indicator lights to the right of the power switch that indicate that the machine has power, but also if the heating element is activated. When the machine is turned on the heating element is activated. When the separate orange ready light is turned on your Rancilio Silvia is heating up. Once off - your machine is at temperature and ready to brew.

The top left switch is known as the brew switch. It is identified with the coffee cup logo on the rocker switch. When turned on, it activates the pump. To stop the brewing process simply return the switch to the off position. This kind of manual on and off is referred to as a semi automatic.

The middle switch is your hot water switch. When turned on the Silvia will dispense hot water from the boiler through the steam wand.

The bottom switch is for steaming. The stainless steel steam wand is incredibly easy to use. It’s fully articulating arm making it much easier to use. When the switch is turned on the boiler heats to steam temperature and you open the steam valve by turning the steam knob located right above the wand itself.

Technical Notes

  • Adjustable expansion valve
  • Three-way solenoid valve that relieves water pressure off ground coffee within the portafilter when the brew switch is turned off. This helps prevents drips after brewing that can make knocking the coffee out of your portafilter difficult if overly wet.
  • Brass construction resists pitting and scale build-up
  • Iron Frame wrapped in brushed stainless steel

What’s included with the Silvia M?

  • 1 58mm ergonomic chrome plated brass portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 double 14g insert basket
  • 1 plastic 7g measuring scoop
  • 1 rubber back flush disk
  • 1 hole steam tip

Interested in a bottomless portafilter for your Rancilio Silvia? Click here!

Rancilio Silvia PID

While we do not offer the Rancilio Silvia with a PID controller, there are other single boiler espresso machines that do come with it instead of as an aftermarket hack. Click the link If you’re interested in a single boiler with a pid.

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