Installing the Andreja Premium Direct Connect Kit

This kit is no longer available to purchase as of 2020

1. Remove the Outer Shell

If you do not already know how to do so, see our instructions on how-to remove the outer shell of the Andreja Premium.

2. Mount the Solenoid Valve to the Back Panel

Remove the rubber grommet from the back panel and insert the male thread of the stainless nut through the back panel coming from the exterior side. Connect it securely to the solenoid valve. Use a 20mm wrench or an adjustable wrench to tighten the nut. Always use Teflon tape on all male threads and be careful not to scratch the back panel.

mounting a solenoid to the back of a quick mill andreja premium for the direct connect kit

3. Disconnect Magnetic Float Switches

quick mill andreja premium relay If your relay looks like this one, you do not need to do anything else.
quick mill andreja premium relay If your relay looks like the one, then you need to jumper the switches with the jumper wires shown below.
jumper wires for the andreja premium float switches Jumper wires for the relay.

4. Attach the Silicone Tubing to the Discharge Tube

Attach silicone tubing to black plastic discharge tube, it’s approximately two inches long. The tubing you are going to attach is the one that is approximately twenty-two inches long, coming from the tee shown below.

tee that is inside of a quick mill andreja premium

You are attaching the black plastic piece to the end of the tubing that was in the plastic water tank. It’s a lot easier to slide the end of the silicone tubing over the fitting if you first submerge the tubing in hot water.

discharge spout for the quick mill andreja premium

What you are doing is rerouting the discharge tube that comes from your expansion valve, from its original position in the water tank, and diverting it to the drip tray. It is normal for water to come out of the newly installed black plastic discharge tube into your drip tray. The rate of flow will vary with the amount of resistance. In other words, when you have your blank in place and are back flushing more water will come out than when you are simply running water through the group to cool down the water in your heat exchanger.

5. Install the Discharge Tube

This is the hardest part. You now need to insert the end of the black plastic discharge tube through the front panel of the machine as seen below. It is often a very tight fit and might even require a little filing to enlarge the hole slightly.

installing the discharge spout on an Quick Mill Andreja Premium

It is easier to install if you move the Gicar control board to the side by removing the screw securing it to the frame. If you have small hands, you might be able to get your hand in there without removing the control board to get the tube started, but the extra room is helpful.

6. Wiring the Pump

Take the wiring harness provided with this kit and connect the white and blue wire onto the pump where you just took the other two wires off. The ends with the piggyback connectors go onto the pump.


Reattach the two wires you originally took off the pump to the piggyback connectors as shown below.

wired connection to the vibratory pump of a quick mill andreja premium

Remove the green wire from the terminal block, connect it to the piggyback terminal, then plug the piggyback terminal back into the terminal block that the original green wire was connected to.

wiring the quick mill andreja premium direct connect kit

 7. Continue wiring the direct connect kit

Insert the rubber grommet provided with the kit into the bottom of the stainless steel shelf that the water tank used to sit on. Now insert the three wires (blue, white, and green) through the grommet one at a time as shown below.

wiring for the quick mill andreja premium direct connect kit where the water tank goes

8. Re-Install the Body Panels

Put the body back on the machine and replace the four screws in the lower back. It is not yet necessary to replace the two screws in the front where the drip tray goes.

9. Complete Wiring the Direct Connect Kit

Connect the blue, white, and green wires to the solenoid valve on the back panel. Blue and white on top and green on the bottom as shown below.

complete wiring of the solenoid valve on the back on the quick mil andreja premium

10. Connecting the Solenoid Valve

Connect the silicone tube onto the barbed top of the solenoid valve, as shown below.

silicone tubing on the solenoid valve of the quick mill andreja premium

11. Complete the Assembly of the Body Panels

Pop the back panel on and replace the two screws on the top of the back panel. Turn the machine around and replace the two countersunk screws from the sidewall where the drip try slides in.

12. Connect the Braided Water Line

Connect the braided water line to the fitting protruding from your back panel making sure not to forget the green washer provided with this kit.

braided waterline connection on the quick mill andreja premium

13. Connect the Water Supply

Connect the water supply and check the pressure on the regulator. It is very important that it not exceed 0.75 bar. The gauge should read between 0.5 and 0.75 bar. Higher pressure could cause the tubing connected to the barbed fitting to pop off.