How to remove the outer shell of the Quick Mill Andreja Premium

1. Remove Top Cover

Remove the top cover and take out the two screws indicated below.

removing the top screws underneath the andreja premium cup rail

2. Remove Reservoir

Remove the water and take out the two screws that hold the back panel indicated below.

reservoir opening for the quick mill andreja premium

3. Remove Drip Tray

Remove the drip tray and take out the two countersunk screws on either side indicated below.

countersunk screws underneath the drip tray of the andreja premium

4. Remove the Rear Panel

Pop the back panel off as shown below, the bottom is not screwed on, it just pops off and on.

removing the rear panel of the andreja premium

5. Remove the Lower Rear Panel

After the back panel is off take out the two screws indicated below.

 removing the rear lower panel on the andreja premium under the water reservoir removing the two countersunk screws on the lower rear panel under the reservoir

6. Lift the Shell Off of the Machine

You now have all the screws out and are ready to remove the shell in one piece. This part is a little tricky, it’s almost like you need another hand. Take the shell at the top and the bottom on the opposite side and spread the side panels apart and slip it up and over the machine. Be careful not to spread it too much or you will dent the top of the machine where the rail is attached. You might want to loosen the screws a little that hold the rail on before attempting to take the shell off. I would only loosen them slightly to make it easier to spread the shell and not dent the top.

removing the shell from the andreja premium espresso machine