Boiler pressure Adjustment for Andreja Premium and Anita

IMPORTANT: Unplug the machine when making this adjustment. Turning it off at the switch isn't enough‚ unplug it.
The pressure stat is VERY delicate; if you make too large of an adjustment, YOU WILL BREAK THE PRESSURE STAT. The replacement of the pressure stat therefore WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!!
Note: The pressure stat is the brown cylinder with the yellow top and three wires attached to the top (see the image). You should turn the larger center screw, not the smaller off-center screw, which is for adjusting the dead-band (range between "turn on" and "turn off").

  • You must first remove your outer shell. For the Andreja Premium. For the Anita, simply remove the six outer screws.
  • Verify the direction for increasing or decreasing the pressure by looking for +/- arrows. Manufacturers can change among equivalent thermostat models from one run to the next and the adjustment direction may be different.
  • Make very small adjustments, equivalent to five minutes on a clock at most. Verify the setting has stabilized by activating the pressure stat at least three to four times before making another adjustment.
  • The pressure stat "on" setting is the point where the red illuminates; the "off" setting is where the green light illuminates. These readings are slightly higher (lower) than the gauge's lowest (highest) point because the pressure continues to drop below the lower set point for a moment after the heating element comes on, and momentarily rises past the higher set point after it turns off.
  • Do not adjust the dead band screw (smaller and off-center). A common mistake is to turn it too far and break the pressure stat, which will not be covered under warranty. The dead-band factory setting is 0.2 bar; if your machine's setting is markedly greater, call our service department for assistance.