Adjusting Brew Pressure On the Silvano

Before attempting to adjust the brewing pressure on the Quick Mill Silvano Evo it is very important that you unplug the machine from the outlet and allow sufficient time for the machine to cool off. Failure to do so may cause burns and or electrical shock. Quick Mill and its distributors accept no liability for injury and or damage caused for failure to follow this warning.

Step 1: Remove the four phillips screws shown and then tilt the top panel backwards.

Step 2 - Slide the silicone hose off the right side of the expansion valve.

Step 3 - Use an adjustable or 15mm wrench to unscrew and remove the nut on the right side of the expansion valve.

Step 4 - Insert a 6mm allen wrench into the valve to adjust the pressure. Clockwise to increase, counter clockwise to decrease. Only make a 1/4 turn adjustment at one time and then re-assemble and test the machine.

Warning: Be sure to re-attach the silicone hose to the valve and make sure it is not twisted or water will spray from the valve into the machine and damage may occur.