Andreja Premium & Anita: Adjusting the Brew Pressure

IMPORTANT: Unplug the machine when making this adjustment. Turning it off at the switch isn't enough‚ unplug it.

  • You must first remove your outer shell. For the Andreja Premium, Click Here for the How To. For the Anita, simply remove the six outer screws.
  • Put your blank into portafilter and then secure it into the group.
  • You need to plug the machine back in now to make the adjustment.
  • Raise the brew lever all the way up and using a 12 mm open-end wrench, rotate the adjustment nut to the right to increase the brew pressure and the left to decrease it.
When making adjustments, you need to pay attention to the tube connected to the bottom of the expansion valve. As you turn the nut on the valve, you will most likely twist the silicone tubing. It is important that there is no twists in the tubing both while you are making adjustments as well as when you are finished. If you have twists in the tubing, you will not be able to make accurate adjustments.