How do I replace a C.E.M.E. pressure stat with a MA-TER pressure stat?

There are a few different manufacturers of pressure stats for machines like the Andreja Premium, Anita, Pasquini, Isomac Tea, etc.
They are all interchangeable; the only thing you have to do is swap the wires from the common to common, normally open to normally open, and lastly normally closed to normally closed. In some cases, you might need an adapter for the plumbing fitting. When we send out a MA-TER stat as a replacement for a C.E.M.E. stat, we include an adapter for use on an Andreja or Anita.
The MA-TER is 1/4 male pipe thread and has to be reduced to 1/8 male pipe thread. Click on the image for an exploded view showing which terminals are which