Installing a Water Pressure Regulator

 water pressure regulator with a gauge
  1. Pressure Gauge
  2. In - Connect your water supply here
  3. Adjustment Screw
  4. Lock Nut
  5. Out - Connect your espresso machine here

1. Turn off the water supply to the espresso machine.

2. Activate the brew lever or switch for 2 seconds to relieve the pressure in the waterline and then turn the machine off.

3. Using a tubing cutter or sharp razor blade, cut the water line after the filter system, but before the espresso machine. Make sure it is clean-cut and the tubing stays round.

4. Insert the tubing firmly into the fittings in the pressure regulator until they bottom out. Be sure the tubing is installed in the correct in and out ports as shown in the diagram above.

5. Turn the water supply back on and verify there are no leaks and then turn the espresso machine back on.

6. Loosen the lock nut on the regulator and then activate the brew lever or switch on the espresso machine.

7. While the water is still running through the espresso machine, turn the adjustment screw clockwise to increase the pressure, counterclockwise to decrease. The recommended setting is 20-30 psi.

8. After setting the pressure, tighten the lock nut and then the installation is complete.

When the machine is not being used the pressure on the gauge may vary due to trapped pressure in the lines which is normal and no cause for concern.

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