Rotary Pump: How to adjust the pressure

IMPORTANT: Unplug the machine when making this adjustment. Turning it off at the switch isn't enough‚ unplug it.

  • Lift off the top cover. Under the top cover, you will see three screws: two toward the front and one in the back. Remove them and lift off the panel. You must now remove the outer shell. A total of five screws need to be removed to take the outer shell off: two on each side and the one in back toward the bottom. If your machine has two screws on the back toward the top, DO NOT REMOVE THEM. It is not necessary.
  • Insert your blank into your portafilter and lock the portafilter into the group.
  • Loosen the lock nut shown in the image.
  • Plug the machine in and raise the brew lever.
  • Turn the adjustment nut (shown in the image) clockwise to increase the pressure or counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure. The pressure is displayed on the gauge on the front of the machine. Recommended pressure is 9 bar. We do not recommend pressure settings higher than 10 bar or lower than 8.5 bar.
  • If you are having trouble with your machine holding pressure, you may need to add a Pressure Regulator Valve with a Water Pressure Gauge.